Fun Hookup Games To Play With Your Fuckbuddy

When you use a hookup app or site to find the lady (or ladies) of your wildest fantasies, the act of finding her (or them) can feel like a game in itself. There’s the messages exchanged back and forth, the innuendo, the occasional nude that you send. It’s really all fun and games! That is, … Read more

Pros and Cons of Using Hookup Sites to Cheat

Most people who you ask will tell you that cheating is wrong. In fact, nine people out of ten people might say that. Cheating can be looked at as a betrayal or harmful thing to do to so many people. And, despite the fact that it might be a mean thing to do and can … Read more

How To Spice It Up With Your Fuck Buddy

So, you’ve had a fuck buddy for a while now. Maybe you have one that totally works out emotionally (AKA- all the baggage is left at the door before you two do the deed). But, that deed has gotten a little stale. Has your fuck buddy hookup started to feel like that of an old married … Read more

Is Your Fuck Buddy (Turned BF) Over His Ex?

Turning a hookup or fuck buddy into a real serious thing is not something that we recommend here at BuddyBang. However, it does happen. It can be awesome when it works out, but chances are that if your guy is a pro at being a fuck buddy, then he’s got more than one side chick he needs to … Read more

Fuck Buddy Gift-Giving Guide

A fuck buddy, or friend-with-benefits, is not the same as a legitimate romantic relationship. There are no strings attached and there is no need to wine and dine, however, it is nice to show your appreciation for the person getting you off from time to time, and there is a way to do it in order … Read more

The Secrets To Making ‘Friends With Benefits’ Work

Having an FWB makes for a better fantasy than it does a real-life situation for some. What happens in that fantasy? Two friends, who already can stand being around each other, get together and have blissful casual sex whenever they want, with no strings attached. How often does that happen? Rarely. This is because in … Read more

Thoughts On Everyday Household Items to Liven Up Your Sex Life

You have gone through all of the stages of your fuck buddy relationship. You have netflixed-and-chilled, you have banged in public, you have had countless drunken nights in your bed.  So what’s next? Fuck buddy relationships are not supposed to go stale, but sometimes it’s just not in the cards to plan a night of fornication … Read more

Movies to Watch with Your Fuckbuddy

Some fuckbuddies like to strictly do the deed and nothing more. However, there are pairs who enjoy some Netflix-and-chill action. Movies are a great way to start the night before getting physical with a fuckbuddy. They are also great to watch during the post-sex cuddle. But, it’s important to remember that cuddling with a fuckbuddy can be … Read more

Toys To Use With A Fuck Buddy

If you’ve gotten to the point in your fuck buddy relationship where things have started to go stale (it happens), there are tons of ways to spice it back up again. What’s the best way? Toys! Despite the fact that a fuck buddy relationship is meant to be enjoyed without any anxiety, it would be natural to … Read more

Why You Should Let Your Fuck Buddy Peg You

By now we have all heard mixed reviews on anal – you either love it or you hate it, but most of the hate surrounding anal is put out there by people who have no had the guts to try it. We understand why you would be hesitant, especially if you are a straight male. Anal plus … Read more