Pros and Cons of Using Hookup Sites to Cheat

Most people who you ask will tell you that cheating is wrong. In fact, nine people out of ten people might say that. Cheating can be looked at as a betrayal or harmful thing to do to so many people. And, despite the fact that it might be a mean thing to do and can prove hurtful, more than a third of those in a relationship will eventually cheat. Imagine for a moment that you are someone who has found your ‘person’ or your ‘soulmate.’ Maybe you’re a little young, maybe you’re in love, and maybe you’re excited to start your life and have children with this significant other. But picture for a moment that after years or decades of marriage, you find yourself evolving out of the relationship.

Perhaps your eye begins to wander, and it causes you to contemplate whether or not dissolving the relationship is worth the trauma that it’ll do to your family. Of course, there are so many reasons why people might cheat. But, the idea is that ending the relationship isn’t desirable, but being committed to it isn’t desirable either. So, for whatever other contributing factors, you cheat on someone you once cared for deeply, and maybe you still care for them.

You’ve got your reasons for wanting to do what you want to do. Maybe you just want to liven up your sex life. And, depending on who you ask, you really aren’t alone. A ton of people cheat. Often times, they aren’t even bad people. And, the intention doesn’t usually have anything to do with hurting someone else. They maybe meet someone desirable at the gym and get it on in the parking lot. Or maybe, they’ve found someone steamy who gets them hot and bothered at work. Or perhaps they have found a cutie online who they can’t wait to get it on with! For obvious reasons, many folks avoid cheating with people who know their significant other, although it’s not impossible. As the world has shifted towards leaning on technology for most things, including social interaction, so too has the world of cheating.

Many cheaters are turning to hookup websites or hookup apps to get their infidelity fix, and there are several pros and cons to this method. If you are someone who is thinking about cheating, maybe take a look at these pros and cons so that you can accurately decide for yourself if it’s the right option for you. And, might we suggest either some couples therapy or a breakup? We don’t know your life, and if you’re thinking bout cheating, you were probably going to do it anyway. Well, here are some pros and cons of using a hookup website to cheat…

Pro: There are tons of strangers on the site

As hot as that secretary is at your place of work, there’s a good chance she’s at least seen the woman you are going to be cheating on. It’s best to look outside of your existing social circle so that you don’t end up looking fishy or suspect. Hookup websites are created so that horny strangers in the same area can bang each other. It’s meant for connecting individuals who wouldn’t normally meet, but are close enough to be fuckbuddies. Going completely outside of people you know, and people your girlfriend or wife knows is the smartest way to go about cheating.

Con: Your SO might be on the hookup site

Here’s the thing, your girl might be on the site too. If your girl is on the site, you are sort of in the clear. And, chances are you’ll know if your SO is the type of girl to use a hookup site to find a fuckbuddy. If she’s super loyal and not the type to get on one of these sites, then you are probably in the clear. But you are going to want to make sure that you don’t see any of her friends on the site either because they are likely to inform your current girlfriend that you are cheating. At least if you find her on the site, she’ll be just as guilty as you are.

Pro: You can communicate discreetly

A bunch of hookup apps, including BuddyBang come with a messaging system within the website or app. This means that you won’t get pop-ups from strange numbers on your phone. And, you can shut the notifications off so that you don’t get any popups at all. In that case, you’ll simply go into the website or app to see if you’ve received a message. You can keep all communication there, which is really handy if you are talking to multiple girls at once.

Con: You can’t forget to erase your browsing history

One pesky thing you’ll need to always remember is that you have to either hide the app or erase your browsing history. If you are going to be cheating, you should do this anyways. Make it a habit. But, if you are going to hookup websites or hookup apps all day long, you are going to have to be extra cautious about erasing your browser history so that your girlfriend can’t find out what you are doing. Guys may be prone to cheat, but similarily girls are prone to snoop. Don’t for a second think your girl isn’t the type to do that. All ladies are actually born with insanely good detective skills.

Pro: The ladies on these sites are hot and horny

Most of the ladies on fuck sites specifically aren’t looking for a relationship. They are sexy and they want to fuck. They, like you,  know that they are coming onto a fuck site to find a fuckbuddy. And, they’re doing it for free, which means that their only angle here is to get banged by you. They aren’t going to be sad if it’s a one night stand and they aren’t going to be sad if you don’t want to date. Chances are that they are looking for a fuckbuddy, so you’ll probably be able to see this person you’re cheating with several times without any emotional attachment, which might help fill that gaping sexual hole in your relationship!

Con: You might like it too much

When people get too comfortable, they get sloppy. If you start to love fuck sites and engage with hotties on hookup apps all day, there’s a chance that you won’t be as careful as you were when you first started. You might start hiding your affairs less, which is going to be detrimental to your relationship. So, just know that you’re going to enjoy this whole hookup website game a lot and you might spend so much time on the fuck sites that you forget to be stealthy. Is that worth your relationship? Honestly, if you’re into cheating this much, it probably is.

There are so many hookup sites for you to try, and there are even some free fuck sites that you can use to find that special chick to bang without your wife or girlfriend being the wiser. There are even certain sites that are set up specifically for affairs, like Ashley Madison. Whichever site you decide to try, make sure you know how to be a good fuckbuddy.