Thoughts On Everyday Household Items to Liven Up Your Sex Life

You have gone through all of the stages of your fuck buddy relationship. You have netflixed-and-chilled, you have banged in public, you have had countless drunken nights in your bed.  So what’s next? Fuck buddy relationships are not supposed to go stale, but sometimes it’s just not in the cards to plan a night of fornication in public or try something crazy. Sometimes you just want to be at home, and that’s fine! There are tons of things in your house right now that you can use to spice up your fuck buddy friendship! But, there are also some things you should not be using to get off with a fuck buddy. Don’t worry though, because we’ve got tons of experience in this department and know which household items work and which household items don’t. Check it out!

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Fruits & Veggies

So, we have all heard of somebody putting a banana up their….ya know….but is it worth it? Our answer is NO. You might as well just use your junk to please your partner. Not only does the shape naturally fit better, but it feels better all around. A banana can feel cold, same goes for carrots or any fruits and veggies for that matter, and the shapes don’t exactly fit with the human body. You are better off sticking to what you already have. Plus, this way you can please your partner and yourself at the same time. If you are watching your partner engage in some solo play, whether it be in person or via Skype, we would still tell her to veer away from the use of foods. It’s also not a great idea for health reasons. It is very easy to get a bacterial infection, especially nowadays when our food is grown with pesticides and other chemicals. It’s just not worth it.

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Shower Sex

We all know that shower sex can be trying, not only because of the limited space and the opportunity to slip and hurt yourself or your partner, but also because water is not an effective lubricant. We repeat, WATER IS NOT A LUBRICANT. However, as any woman knows, (and any man should learn,) foreplay is one of the most important parts of sex for a woman and is very likely the time when you will make her cum. The shower can be the perfect place to please her in a way she has never imagined…if you have a detachable shower head that is. If you do not, you can buy one for a very cheap price at a Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart or online. Play with the water pressure and temperature and watch her go wild! We would recommend she isn’t standing up for this one – it can be pretty intense and you should always put her safety and wellbeing first!

Scarves & Belts

Do you want to try a little bit of BDSM? Well, these are the items for you! Talk to your girl first to establish boundaries and ensure that you are both on the same page. And remember to always have a safe word. She might be the one tied up and submitting to you, but she is the one in control. She decides how far you take this little experiment. You can use scarves to tie her up, or if she wants something a little more rough, you can use a belt – just puncture an extra hole in the belt in order to make it small enough to hold her tightly in place. You can also use a belt to (safely) choke her. Make sure to look up exactly how to do this, as your neck is, well, pretty damn important to your overall wellbeing!

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Anything With Vibration

If you or your FWB have a vibrating toothbrush or a phone that you can set to vibrate for a long period of time, you might as well add it into the mix. Do what you normally do, but add in a little vibration during penetration in order to stimulate more of her and send her over the edge. You might even surprise yourself and try it on yourself. YOLO, right?!


Some women love this and some women hate this, so your fuck buddy just has to be open to experimentation. Everybody’s body is different and you need to learn what works for her. Put an ice cube in your mouth and run it down her neck and stomach. Rub it around her nipples and all of her naughty bits and see how her body reacts. Temperature play can be a huge turn on!


You have SO MANY different surfaces in a home so why not use them all? Depending on the materials and height, they will all create different sensations and make for a more interesting sex life. Each surface provides something to play with and the ability to allow you to experiment with different positions, so lift her onto that cold kitchen counter, that soft plush couch, the rug that will turn her red with pleasure and that wall that will keep her stationary and have her begging for more.