The Secrets To Making ‘Friends With Benefits’ Work

Having an FWB makes for a better fantasy than it does a real-life situation for some. What happens in that fantasy? Two friends, who already can stand being around each other, get together and have blissful casual sex whenever they want, with no strings attached. How often does that happen? Rarely. This is because in reality, if people are already friends, there might be some feelings there that neither knows about until sex is introduced into the equation. Rule number one to having a fuck buddy: Don’t get attached. Well, how do you not get romantically attached to someone you’re already platonically attached to? This is why people seek out third party hookup sites to find strangers who want to have sex. But, if this isn’t your style, or you are simply curious about what turning a friend into a friend with benefits would be like, there. are ways to make it work with someone you already know.

Talk about it

Turning a friend into a fuck buddy is something that needs to be discussed before the fucking begins so as to not avoid any confusion and any mistaken attachment on either end. Remember, not getting attached is the goal.  Make sure that both parties fully understand that they are about to have sex with no strings attached, while remaining friends. This way, if anyone catches feelings in the future, everyone is off the hook.

Make sure it’s not your best friend

If you’ve seen any romantic comedy about this kind of thing, don’t turn your best friend into your friend with benefits… unless you’re ok with falling in love or falling apart. Loving someone as a best friend means that, in some ways, you’re already in love with the person. You have no clue how sex may change the situation for the better or for the worse, especially if you’re dead set on not making a commitment any time soon. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater on this one. Value your friendship enough to know that sex would just complicate things, put your’s and their feelings in jeopardy, and could destroy the best friendship in your life.

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Don’t do romantic things

If you’re going to be friends with benefits, then be friends. Don’t start changing up the game and getting romantic with someone you’ve entered into the FWB relationship with. Continue to treat that person as the friend they were to you before you started having sex. Leave your baggage at the door when you need that sexual release, but pick up where you left off after. It’s about compartmentalizing the relationship, so it doesn’t get messy.

Don’t abuse the situation

This FWB is your friend. So don’t start treating your friend like a sex object. Be respectful of when the time is right and when it isn’t. Don’t lose a friend and a fuck buddy just because you were horny and expected too much from the situation.