Is Road Head With Your Fuck Buddy a Good Idea?

Whenever you need to release some tension or stress you know who to go to to make you cum…your FWB. You’ve had all of the standard bedroom sex you can handle and now you want to try something different. Maybe you have even tried fucking in a public bathroom and although that is exciting it is also … Read more

We Bet You’ve Never Heard These Hilarious Sex Slang Terms

Whoopie, blow job, pearl necklace, head. Blumpkin, doggy, BDSM! It sounds like Suessical the porno. If you’ve heard most of the terms in our little sexy rhyme, you might be an expert when it comes to sexual slang. Usually, when something evolves, it becomes more sophisticated. Sadly, this doesn’t really apply to the language of … Read more

What to Text Your Fuckbuddy When You Want to Fuck Right Now

You know when that feeling takes over and you’re just really trying to fuck? We’ve all been there, and luckily for you, you have that  perfect person in mind to satisfy your desire and put things into action. When texting a fuckbuddy, there is a certain protocol that one should follow to ensure that your communication delivers … Read more

Do You Have a Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is something that is real and flourishing in America; nevertheless, people are afraid to talk about it. The fear in talking about it has built up an unnecessary and invalidating stigma around the addiction, when in actuality, it is a very real problem for people that renders some serious detrimental effects on people’s … Read more

How to Make an Ex-Fuckbuddy Jealous

While having a fuckbuddy is well and good, the territory is a breeding ground for jealousy. The term ‘fuckbuddy’ implies that there is a physical and sexual relationship that doesn’t require any emotional investment. And, while that’s what a fuckbuddy relationship is on paper, it doesn’t always move in a direction in which no emotions … Read more

How to Safely Send Nudes

Sex in the digital age is probably unlike anything that anyone (pre-technology) imagined. We are now influenced by sex, because it is so readily available. While there are mountains of free porn around every internet corner, it’s more than that. We’ve become somewhat desensitized to nudity. Nearly nude images are used blatantly throughout social media … Read more

The Complete FuckBuddy Guide

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Casual Sex: Just the Tips

Back in the day, casual sex meant a sticky situation that was too messy to swallow. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. But seriously, casual sex is increasingly becoming de-stigmatized; however, there is still some societal pressure that turns people away from the idea before they are able to give it a chance. It’s not for everyone, but … Read more

How to Wear/Pack Makeup to a Fuckbuddy Sleepover

You get that text from your sexy fuckbuddy: Wanna sleep over? You put the vibrator down and thank your lucky stars. You text back, Be there in an hour. If you are like many women, after the initial horny bliss, you come to realize that this means you’ll have to start putting on makeup. And worse? You’ll likely be … Read more