Why You Should Let Your Fuck Buddy Peg You

By now we have all heard mixed reviews on anal – you either love it or you hate it, but most of the hate surrounding anal is put out there by people who have no had the guts to try it. We understand why you would be hesitant, especially if you are a straight male. Anal plus a straight guy = confusion. Don’t let that deter you though! You are still straight if you let your fuck buddy peg you. In this article we are going to outline why you should, in fact, let your fuck buddy peg you.

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The Male G-Spot

The male equivalent of the g-spot is located in your behind…that’s a fucking fact. Just like you want to reach your woman’s g-spot to give her the most pleasure possible, why would you not let her do the same to you? If you don’t believe us we suggest you grab a butt plug or use what your momma gave you, (aka your fingers,) and go exploring for the first time. This way you can be by yourself and have that time to get used to the new sensation without feeling uncomfortable. Just remember that it is bound to feel better when your fuckbuddy is the one pleasing you and you can just lean back, or relax doggy-style, and enjoy.

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So Many Toys To Choose From

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy more than a cock ring. You can enjoy your woman pegging you with a strap-on, but you can also enjoy fingers, tongues, butt plugs and vibrating butt plugs. You can even engage in the activity you love watching in those “cat videos” you have saved on your laptop; all you have to do is buy a double sided dildo. 😉

Two Times The Pleasure

Remember that now you have two parts of yourself that can be stimulated simultaneously. While she is pounding away at your rear end you can work on your shaft. She will also love seeing you please yourself, so that’s always an added plus!

This is Not Just For You

If you are with a woman that you feel comfortable enough bringing this subject up to, chances are she is going to be all about it. Not only is she going to be excited about making you feel damn good, but she is going to be excited about trying something new with a man who is comfortable enough in himself to know that this doesn’t change anything. She is going to thoroughly enjoy taking charge and being on the other end of the stick – pun intended. Also keep in mind that the strap-on will be stimulating her clit and is sure to bring her to orgasm as well. Remind her that you are, well, a virgin and that she needs to take it slow. Sure, it will be pleasurable but it can also be a bit painful so prepare lube-wise and work your way up to the strap-on. It’s okay to start with a finger or two and see what works for you. There is no rush!

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You Sexuality is Still In Tact

It makes absolutely NO SENSE to hold yourself back from this amazing sensation, especially in this day and age where we have broken down gender, sexuality…the list goes on and on….and realized that most of what we have been taught is complete bullshit. Are you attracted to men? No? Then you’re not gay. Get over yourself and let your fuckbuddy stick it up your ass. Even if you do think, (very misguidedly, may we add,) that this makes you gay, who cares?! You are enjoying yourself in the privacy of your own home, or hotel room, or back alley…and you have a gorgeous woman who is wanting to explore your body. Men, it is time to let go an admit that butt sex feels AMAZING.