How To Spice It Up With Your Fuck Buddy

So, you’ve had a fuck buddy for a while now. Maybe you have one that totally works out emotionally (AKA- all the baggage is left at the door before you two do the deed). But, that deed has gotten a little stale. Has your fuck buddy hookup started to feel like that of an old married couple? Of course, stale sex is the antithesis of what it means to have and be a fuck buddy. If this sounds like you, check out our tips on how you can spice things up and keep that FWB relationship alive and thriving!

Add a third: Adding a third can be a great way to add some kinky fun to the bedroom. Not only will it readjust the sexual relationship, but it will also show the two of you new things you can try and new ways to enjoy a body sexually. Adding a third may even become a recurring event!

Start sending nudes: Sending nudes or sexy texts is a nice way to get someone excited and horny for you while you are not in their presence, and getting them to think about you like that may make them yearn for your body even more, thereby spicing up your sex life and making the two of you more excited to see each other.

Play with toys: Investing in some new fun sex toys can do wonders for your sex life. There are tons of adventurous toys for you to try, even some that seem a little dangerous (in a good way). Try something totally new by getting a crazy toy to play with. Also, bluetooth toys cool because they allow for some fuck buddy action while you are not in the same room (you use the remote control to play with someone else’s pleasure)

Try anal or pegging: Bringing out the bumhole card is always a good idea. Try to add some anal sex, if you haven’t already, or incorporate strap-ons and pegging. Anal sex is like a vortex to a world unknown… sort of like time travel! So, get yourselves ready for an epic time.

Role play: Getting into character might help bring out more animalistic sides of both of you. If the sex is getting stale due to some fears to go the extra mile, disguising one’s true self into a character is a safe way for the two of you to explore your true sexual potentials.

Film it: Ok, for this one you are going to make sure you actually trust your FWB… as, you need to literally be actual friends. Filming a porno is really fun, silly, and hot. However, having a porno released of you in the future is actually the things of nightmares. But, if you trust each other, go for it!