Fuck Buddy Gift-Giving Guide

A fuck buddy, or friend-with-benefits, is not the same as a legitimate romantic relationship. There are no strings attached and there is no need to wine and dine, however, it is nice to show your appreciation for the person getting you off from time to time, and there is a way to do it in order to benefit you both. You can keep it all about the sexy time in the bedroom (and in public) with a few simple gifts.

You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank with any of these and it will be loads of hot and steamy fun for the two of you. There are so many sex toys out there to choose from, and the naughty games keep getting naughtier and naughtier. It is time to get raunchy while presenting your fuckbuddy with a nice little “thank you for being my fuckbuddy” gift that will hopefully end in the ultimate gift, an orgasm. We have collected a list of some of the best presents to buy for your fuckbuddy. Get ready for weeks of fun with these.

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Sure, you can go with a standard vibrator that she can use during solo play as well as bring into the bedroom when you go over to her house for that 3 AM booty call, or you can up your game by buying her a vibrator that can be controlled from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

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That way, on the night that she goes out drinking with her girlfriends, she can discreetly wear her vibrator in her panties and you can warm her up by making her cum on the dance floor before she drunkenly stumbles into her apartment and calls you for that nightcap. What could be better? You get her off while getting her in the mood to please you. A vibrator as a gift is a win-win. Plus, knowing you are in control of her pleasure can be a huge turn on. In our opinion, this gift is the winner.

Dildo Mold

That’s right men, now she can enjoy your dick anytime and anywhere. Grab a dildo mold for your dick and have fun making it together. It is easy and painless and at the end of it, she will have a brand new toy to play with that is all too familiar. Want to go the extra mile (for yourself really)? Pick up a pussy mold so you can take her anywhere with you as well and enjoy her at any time. Get naked and get ready to use your body part in order to make a permanent mold for your partner to enjoy. It is loads of fun and you already know that you will enjoy the end result.


This one seems simple, but since you are the one picking it out you know you will end up with her looking exactly the way you want her to. Want to roleplay? Buy her a costume! Or, just buy her some good old fashioned lingerie. Have you always wanted to see her in crotchless panties? Go for it. We suggest you also throw in something that you know she will like and will make her feel sexy as well. Don’t be completely self-centered and selfish. The sexier you make her feel, the more she will want to please you.

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Sex Game

There are so many different sex games to choose from, from sexy dice to naughty truth or dare card games. Do a bit of research, see which ones you think that she would enjoy the most and add those fuckers to your cart. None of them are expensive and all of them will result in a very hot and fun night. This will also help your fuckbuddy relationship bloom and hopefully push you both outside of your comfort zones a bit and add something new and spicy to your sex life. You might discover something you really really really like!

Lap It Up

Buy her edible candles so that you can have some fun with fire and lap up the evidence. Buy her flavored lube and sexy edible body paint. Buy her anything that will make her want to lick you and vice-a-versa. Not only will this bring a whole new level of sexy to the bedroom, but it will be loads of fun. Just remember, this one can get pretty messy so it never hurts to lay down a towel or two. An added bonus? All of this is meant to be put on your body, (unlike whipped cream and other food items, etc.) so it won’t cause any infections when it gets into those sensitive crevices.