Toys To Use With A Fuck Buddy

If you’ve gotten to the point in your fuck buddy relationship where things have started to go stale (it happens), there are tons of ways to spice it back up again. What’s the best way? Toys! Despite the fact that a fuck buddy relationship is meant to be enjoyed without any anxiety, it would be natural to have some fears surrounding introducing toys into the bedroom. What will she like? What won’t she like? Will I scare her? It’s like looking into your closet and having a million different outfits to wear yet somehow feeling like you have ZILCH to work with. We have compiled a list of sex toys that, throughout our research, most women tend to enjoy….a lot! Get ready to add a little flavor and a pop of color to your fuck buddy sex life.

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There is no way you can go wrong by introducing a vibrator into the bedroom. How can you get it wrong when all you are doing is adding another layer of stimulation to get her to cum? We suggest buying a small (but powerful) one so that you (or so that she) can hold it on her clit while you are using your fingers, tongue or special member to reach her….*ahem*…..inner workings. Not only this, but if you buy one that is too big it will definitely be touching you when you are trying to do other things, making it harder to complete your task. Don’t forget that you can use a vibrator or any and every part of her body. Make sure you tease her with this one!

Strap-on (pegging)

This one is definitely going to be the most controversial on the list of sex toys you can use, but trust us, you will be feeling (sing it with us now) *good as hell*! Remember, your g-spot is in your ass, just like a woman’a g-spot is inside of her vagina. Why in the world are you not stimulating it already?! Plus, your girl might also really enjoy this new method of pleasing you via pegging.

The feeling of taking control can be a big turn on, and hearing and watching you receiving this amount of pleasure and knowing that she is a part of that will not be lost on her. Using a strap-on will also stimulate her while she’s pounding away at you. She will definitely get there. We suggest starting with a smaller strap-on so you don’t take in too much too fast. Lastly, this is the one sex toy you might want to take your partner to buy with you because she should be able to try on the harness etc. to make sure that it fits and is comfortable.

Butt Plug

Give your woman a little bit of double penetration without too much overstimulation. Not only will a butt plug feel good, but you can also ask her to wear it while you guys go out for a cocktail or a nice meal adding a certain je ne sais quoi to the evening. Buy her one with a cute stone on the end so that when she is on all fours you have a nice visual.


You can both definitely enjoy these bad boys. Tie her up or let her tie you up and just surrender to the moment. Enjoy not being the one in control (or being the one in control) and let your partner go wild as well.


You know when they say, “take away one sense and the others are heightened?” Boy is that true. Grab a blindfold and let your woman feel every small flick of your tongue or caress that you place on her body. Better yet, tie her up and blindfold her at the same time. Just listen to the deepening of her breath almost instantaneously and get ready to enjoy pleasing her while receiving some pleasure yourself.