How To Keep Things Good With A Fuckbuddy

We all crave human connection and physical touch, but not all of us are in a place where we want to have a long-term relationship that we have to dedicate ourselves to – whether you are focusing on your career right now or focusing on self-growth before growing with someone else, it is more than … Read more

How To Be Discreet While On Sex Dating Sites

Sometimes you just don’t want anyone up in your business. Your sex life is personal, and completely within your control. Nobody else needs to know about it if you want it to be kept under wraps. However, with technology these days, it’s all too easy for anyone to get ahold of your internet activities. What … Read more

How To Use A Fuck Site To Find A Threesome

So you want to have a threesome. Congrats, you’re already a third of the way there! A threesome is an epic sexual adventure between three hot adults. It’s on everyone’s sexual fantasies list. There are no rules to how a threesome should go, but you should always be ready to roll with the punches. That’s … Read more

How To Have The Best Hookup Site Profile

With tons of adult dating sites all over and tons of people to meet, there are ample opportunities all over the place to create a hookup site profile. Fuck site profiles are different from regular dating profiles because they need to make you seem sexually appealing. You’re not looking for a long term thing here, … Read more

Traits Perfect Fuckbuddies Have

What makes the perfect fuckbuddy? Are they uber hot with curves in all the right places? Do they do wild things that make you scream in bed, in a good way? These are qualities that are cool to have in the people you sleep with, but it’s not the physical traits that make someone a … Read more

How to Find and Court Local Hookups in Today’s Hookup Culture

Today’s hookup culture is different than it was at any other time in history. Physical intimacy is more readily available than it ever was before; however, many people think today’s hookup culture is confusing and messy. Gone are the days of throwing rocks at her window or leaving notes at his door. These days, it’s … Read more

How to Not Have Feelings For a Fuckbuddy

Casual sexual relationships can serve you in so many ways. Fuckbuddies build sexual confidence, fulfill desires, and create fun and excitement in someone’s life. Once you are able to find yourself a great fuckbuddy, you’ll want to do your best to hold onto him/her. It sounds easy, but when two people spend their most intimate moments … Read more

Things You Should Never Do With a Fuckbuddy

We obviously love the idea of having a fuckbuddy, but while the relationship is a no-strings-attached one, there are still some small responsibilities you have in order to protect, maintain, and enjoy the situation. These responsibilities are easy because they are not things that you have to do. Instead, these are things that you have … Read more

Signs It’s Time For A New Fuckbuddy

Have you had the same fuckbuddy for a while now? Maybe it’s going great, but just like any relationship, the fuckbuddy relationship can tend to get stale pretty quickly. When it’s an entire friendship based on sex, the sex has to be stellar in order for the fuckbuddy friendship to succeed. But bad sex isn’t … Read more

10 Tips For Having Sex With Someone New

As much as fuckbuddies are meant for NSA casual sex, there is still a level of vulnerability that happens when you have sex with a new person. You are totally naked after all, with nothing save you from your own insecurities. There’s so much that could happen when you have sex with someone new. A … Read more