Is Road Head With Your Fuck Buddy a Good Idea?

Whenever you need to release some tension or stress you know who to go to to make you cum…your FWB. You’ve had all of the standard bedroom sex you can handle and now you want to try something different. Maybe you have even tried fucking in a public bathroom and although that is exciting it is also very unsanitary. So….what next? Sure, you could aim high and join the mile high club, but that would require you to purchase to airline tickets, (hopefully first class) so why not decide to stay on the ground but keep it moving?

The next thing to consider is a car. We have all heard about people giving other people road head. This can be exciting and can allude to voyeurism, but you have no chance of getting caught because prior to you getting pulled over by a cop, you can just zip up again and pretend like nothing has happened. Aside from this, people in other cars can potentially get a look at you and your girl’s dirty time, which makes it that much more exciting. So….here’s the everlasting question; road head or no head?

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The only ever-present con of road head is the discomfort you may feel while indulging in it. Sure, there’s the added element of discomfort when it comes to road head, especially for the individual giving the head. You have to worry about the middle console, the gear shift, putting your body in a potentially uncomfortable situation, but just think of yourself as a circus performer…you have to maneuver your body in order to get that much-desired applause from the audience. This one may take a couple of minutes/times in order to find your groove, but once you find it, it’s not all that bad. Plus, if you are invested in what you are doing you will usually forget about the discomfort or become at peace with the pain.

Getting Caught

Road head isn’t for everybody. If the thought of getting caught is a little bit too much for you, maybe put this one on the back burner. We don’t want you so stressed out that you aren’t enjoying every second of this – what’s the point? However, if you are into the thought of getting caught, then this could be the perfect way to indulge in that fantasy without actually putting you in harm’s way. Sure, is there a chance that you will get pulled over? Yes. Is that chance very slim? Yes. This is definitely a safe alternative to that itch inside of you that leaves you out in the open and vulnerable while indulging your voyeuristic tendencies.


Now, let’s take getting caught by the police out of the equation for a second. Road head can be thrilling because other people can look in and see you doing what you and your fuckbuddy are doing. This is fun because most of them won’t care, many of them will watch and some of them will even give you a smile and a thumbs up. If you have ever fantasized about being watched then this is definitely the perfect way to do so.

If you want them to eat dust, all you have to do is speed up, and if you want to give them a little bit of a show, you can do that too. Aside from this, having to focus on driving while getting pleasured can be a very fun challenge. You can also reverse this and make it just a fun to pleasure someone else while you are driving.

On The Go

A huge pro to this one is that you and your fuck buddy will never be late for anything ever again! You don’t have to choose between getting in on or getting to that party on time. Plus, we have all been late to work a time or two because we had to choose between getting to work and finishing what we started with our fuckbuddy. This way, you don’t have to choose between losing your job and…well…keeping it. Just like an on-the-go meal, it can be just as satisfying and filling as a sit-down meal, and sometimes a hell of a lot more fun and indulgent. Think of this as the ultimate fast food meal. How could you pass up an opportunity such as this?!

***Please be careful while giving/receiving road head. We don’t want to add death to the list of cons. Not everybody can handle cumming while driving at 85 MPH on the highway….know your limits.