Signs It’s Time For A New Fuckbuddy

Have you had the same fuckbuddy for a while now? Maybe it’s going great, but just like any relationship, the fuckbuddy relationship can tend to get stale pretty quickly. When it’s an entire friendship based on sex, the sex has to be stellar in order for the fuckbuddy friendship to succeed. But bad sex isn’t the only reason to ditch your fuckbuddy. Sex with a fuckbuddy can cause feelings to arise, get in the way of your daily life, or cause your fuckbuddy to get a little too close for comfort. If you’re already wondering if you should move on to someone new, you probably should. However, if you are unsure, we’ve put together a list of signs it’s time to knab a new fuckbuddy.

They’ve caught feelings

Fuckbuddies are supposed to be no-strings-attached. Feelings aren’t part of the arrangement. But sometimes sex can lead to feelings and there’s not much you can do to stop it. It’s hard to tell at times whether or not your fuckbuddy has feelings for you. Some tell-tale signs are that they want to be around you for more than just sex. They might try to overstay their welcome in the morning or attempt to get close to your friends. If that’s the case, it’s time to get rid of that fuckbuddy and find something new.

The sex is boring

Has the sex become blah and monotonous? Having a fuckbuddy is supposed to be the opposite of an old stale relationship bogged down with annoyances. If the sex is now bland, why are you bothering sticking it out with a fuckbuddy? You don’t have an emotional tie, so it’s time to find someone else to bang, someone who will keep it extra interesting for you. If you really want to have epic sex, you might want to try using an escort website to find a fuckbuddy. That way, you get something fresh and exciting each time. You might even find a woman who is unbelievable in the bedroom and you make an ongoing arrangement with her!

They are unwilling to experiment

Fuckbuddies usually are fun ways to experiment with your fantasies. Love to roleplay or have a strange fetish? Your fuckbuddy is the person you should be able to try things out with. But not every person is going to be down to get into your sexual fantasies with you. That’s ok, not everyone should have to! But if your fuckbuddy isn’t satisfying those needs, try using a fuck site to find someone who will. You can often filter by sexual fantasy or desire on those sites, so you won’t get stuck with someone who isn’t into your fetishes.

You want to switch it up

Sometimes you just feel like moving on, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Fuckbuddies know that there is no emotional baggage tying you down, so it’s perfectly appropriate to just drop your fuckbuddy and move on to another one. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings because that emotional stuff isn’t supposed to be involved in your fuck friendship anyways. On to the next!

You’ve caught feelings

When you catch feelings for your fuckbuddy, it can be a huge bummer. Your FWB likely doesn’t reciprocate those feelings and you find yourself going along with the FWB arrangement just to be near that person in the hopes that it’ll turn into something more. Do yourself a favor and get out of that arrangement. It’s not doing you any good to sit there pining after someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. You know what they say, right? In order to get over someone, you need to get under someone new! Find someone else to bang and revive those fuckbuddy powers of yours. Staying around that fuckbuddy actually ends up being torture and it’s not worth your time, emotions, or energy.

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They are too involved with your friends

If you’re seeing a friend-with-benefits on a regular basis, it’s possible that they’ve gotten comfortable with your roommates or friends. This is a weird mix of your sex life and your personal life that you probably don’t want. Plus, if your fuckbuddy is of the overly sexual variety, it’s possible that she is getting flirty with your friends and roommates. Avoid all potential trouble by cutting it off with the fuckbuddy who has infiltrated your friend group or is getting too involved with the people who you know. It always ends complicated and messy, so it’s best to break it off early.

You aren’t having fun

If you aren’t having fun with a fuckbuddy, then what are you doing with them? Fun and good times is pretty much the only thing your fuckbuddy is around for. Once that thrill dies or the enjoyment has left the room, it’s time for you to leave too. Again, dropping a fuckbuddy shouldn’t cause any distress. The very nature of the fuckbuddy arrangement allows for either party to abandon ship whenever they want. If you aren’t having fun but want to keep the fuckbuddy for whatever reason, you can also try some entertaining things in the bedroom to see if that helps. Try roleplaying or having a threesome. It might reignite your fuckbuddy fire.