How To Be Discreet While On Sex Dating Sites

Sometimes you just don’t want anyone up in your business. Your sex life is personal, and completely within your control. Nobody else needs to know about it if you want it to be kept under wraps. However, with technology these days, it’s all too easy for anyone to get ahold of your internet activities. What if you’re on sites like Ashley Madison for an affair, or a fetish sex site? Others don’t need to be clued in to your online activity. But there are ways to keep your sex dating site activity totally private. Read on to figure out how you can use dating sites in a discreet and private way.

Use Reputable Hookup Sites

Some sites are just plain seedy and creepy. Use sites that you’ve heard of in the past. That doesn’t mean that if it’s hypersexual, it’s a no-go. Quite the opposite, actually! You just want to make sure the site you are on is reputable, you’ve heard of it, you know others who use it, and so on! Especially if you are using these sites for the purpose of cybersex or sexting of any kind.

Stay Anonymous

On many hookup sites, you’ll have the option to use a username or nickname to use the site. We suggest doing this instead of providing your real name so that others on the web can’t search to find your profile on these sites. It also prevents people you know from screenshotting your name and sending it around to people who you know. On more ‘open’ sex dating sites, you might want to tell your matches that you are using a fake name because you like to keep things private. If they ever find out your real name somehow, they won’t be spooked and you won’t come across as creepy.

Don’t Link Your Socials

Hookup sites will often give you the opportunity to hook up your social media accounts. Well, newsflash! This makes it really easy for people to connect the dots and figure out that you’re using a hookup site. Don’t connect your socials. It’s also a good idea to create a separate email address just for extra security measures if you are very worried about your privacy.

Keep Photos Of Your Face Private

If you’re super paranoid, you can use sites like Seeking Arrangements which allow you to keep a private photo section. This can only be unlocked when you grant access to someone who wants to see these photos. Many users on sites like Seeking Arrangements will disguise their face in their main public images and then reveal it in their private photo gallery when they grant access!

Don’t Give Out Private Info

Anyone you meet on the internet is a stranger until you establish an in-person serious friendship with them. That means that you’ve met them a few times. Keep your private information to yourself. That would be info like your address, place of work, or banking. There are plenty of adult hookup sites that lead people to request money in exchange for their engagement. We advise against giving out any payment information to an individual on a site like this before meeting them. If escorts are your thing, visit an escort site instead of finding someone who engages in similar activities on regular hookup sites.

By using these tips, you can keep your sex dating site activity away from anyone who you don’t want to see it. Again, hookup sites are out there for your personal enjoyment. It’s nobody else’s business but yours. These tips will also help protect you against any potential scammers or catfish out there. You can never be too careful when you’re browsing the web for sex!