How To Have The Best Hookup Site Profile

With tons of adult dating sites all over and tons of people to meet, there are ample opportunities all over the place to create a hookup site profile. Fuck site profiles are different from regular dating profiles because they need to make you seem sexually appealing. You’re not looking for a long term thing here, just some good casual sex. You might simply be looking for someone to send nudes to that night. Either way, your profile needs to be hot but approachable, subtle but sexy, and smart but not nerdy. How do you encompass all those paradoxes into one profile? We can show you…

Don’t Be Corny

Avoid the cheesy lines and pick up phrases in your profile. People are so over hearing that kind of thing and won’t take you seriously as someone they can reasonably get into bed with. You don’t want to come across as someone who doesn’t have any game. Saying something corny will immediately put you in the no-fuck zone, so avoid it at all costs.

Be Authentic

It can be tempting to try to catfish someone, or even embellish a little bit. Whether it’s editing your photos or telling a lie, just don’t do it. You are seeking sexual enjoyment, but it’s not going to be fun for anyone if your date comes over and realizes you look nothing like your profile or you don’t actually live in a mansion. It’s going to set off all sorts of alarms and it might even make them feel like they are in danger. That’s not hot at all and completely kills the mood, so keep it real with a fuckbuddy!

Be Approachable

If all of your photos hide your face or make you seem too mysterious, you won’t attract anyone worth your time. Pick good photos that clearly show who you are and what you’re about. And try to be subtle. Instead of posting a naked pic of you at the gym, choose one where you’re casually laying on the beach. Showing off your body in a subtle way is sexier than putting it on display for everyone to see.

People Love wit

Wit is hot, sexy, and fun. People know that banter is one of the most confident and cool ways to flirt. Show that you have a sense of humor and confidence by saying something witty and sexy either in your profile or to your potential fuckbuddy. Studies suggest that intelligence is a huge turn on. While you aren’t hoping to put a ring on it, you still want to impress the person you’re about to hook up with, right?

Use these tools to create a fantastic adult dating profile. If you stick to these rules, you will attract the cream of the fuck site crop and ultimately have an awesome time with a new fuckbuddy.