Traits Perfect Fuckbuddies Have

What makes the perfect fuckbuddy? Are they uber hot with curves in all the right places? Do they do wild things that make you scream in bed, in a good way? These are qualities that are cool to have in the people you sleep with, but it’s not the physical traits that make someone a great fuckbuddy. The qualities that fuckbuddy perfection requires are way more mental than just having the libido of a champion or being extremely attractive. In fact, there are amazing fuckbuddies that aren’t all that easy on the eyes. What are these mysterious qualities? You’ll need to read on to find out.

When you are reading about things that make someone a great fuckbuddy, consider your role in the fuckbuddy relationship too. Are you someone who is a fantastic friends-with-benefits or are you lagging in some of these areas? The beauty in these traits is that they are all adoptable. So next time you find yourself in bed with someone you consider to be a quality fuckbuddy, remind yourself that in order for the friendship to work, you also need to possess some of these magical fuckbuddy traits.

They Aren’t In Your Circle

Don’t find yourself a fuckbuddy within the pool of people that you are very close with. This crosses the line from fuckbuddy to friends-with-benefits, where the stakes are actually much higher. There are positives to having a friend-with-benefits, but it’s better to find someone who doesn’t know any of the people you do. Better yet, find a person who is a town away. Running into your fuckbuddy in a public place or seeing them at events with your friends is not going to be fun for you. You want to keep your fuckbuddy in the bedroom, where they belong.

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You Aren’t Going To Fall For Them

Make sure your fuckbuddy is someone who you’d never have feelings for. This can mean that they have some qualities you don’t necessarily like. For instance, maybe they aren’t that smart. Someone who doesn’t have a lot going on upstairs isn’t going to hold your attention beyond the fuck, and that’s actually a good thing. Perhaps they have qualities that are dealbreakers for you. Maybe the person you want to end up with belongs to a certain religion that they don’t belong to, or maybe you know that your mom would hate them. These are actually positives with fuckbuddies because you know you’d never catch real feelings for this person.

They Are Straightforward

A fuckbuddy who plays games is a red flag you shouldn’t be racing towards. Manipulative fuckbuddies are usually the ones who try to turn the casual sex into something more than it needs to be. You want someone who tells you when they want to fuck you, if they are free when you are, and speaks their mind clearly. Anything else invites emotional aspects to the fuckbuddy friendship that really aren’t welcome. Your fuckbuddy should be able to get to the point or ask you straight out if you are available for a good time. Games are nonsense in the fuckbuddy world unless it happens to be a fun sex game in the bedroom.

They Are Adventurous

Do yourself a favor and avoid the boring fuckbuddy. It’s a waste of time to have a casual fuck friend who won’t do the naughty things you are dying to try between the sheets. Fuckbuddies are for experimentation, fetish play, and exploring your fantasies. Obviously, you should never try to force an adventurous side out of your fuckbuddy. Instead, just latch onto someone new. You can find a fuckbuddy easily by going onto a fuck site. The beauty in these hookup websites is that they usually offer search functions that show you which fetishes your potential matches are into. Find a new fuckbuddy who is interested in the same kinky things that you are into!

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They Aren’t Clingy

The worst thing a fuckbuddy can be is clingy. It’s the opposite of what you need a fuckbuddy friendship and goes against all the rules of having a fuckbuddy. Clingy casual sex friends are those who no longer want the friendship to be casual. They are usually the people who have caught feelings and have their sights set out on settling down with you. This is likely not what you want. Instead of letting the fuckbuddy friendship go on and on, letting the feelings of the clingy fuckbuddy grow and grow, end the relationship. Clingyness is a sign that things are about to get really messy and you don’t want to get caught in the crosshairs of a messy fuckbuddy breakup.

They Are Generally Nice

Even though you are spending most of your time with your fuckbuddy fucking, you still want someone that you can stand to be around. You won’t go on dates with them, but you might find yourself watching a movie or eating some food either before or after you fuck. That can be a nice activity to do with a fuckbuddy. In that case, make sure your fuckbuddy is someone who is a generally nice person. They aren’t going to make you feel bad about yourself or go out of their way to be mean to you. Pick a fuckbuddy that you are willing to spend a bit of time with.