How To Keep Things Good With A Fuckbuddy

We all crave human connection and physical touch, but not all of us are in a place where we want to have a long-term relationship that we have to dedicate ourselves to – whether you are focusing on your career right now or focusing on self-growth before growing with someone else, it is more than okay to be alone…but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up sex! Gone are the days that you had to court a woman before leaning in to kiss her; women need sex just as much as men do.

Let us say it once again for those of you in the back; women need sex, women crave sex and women don’t always need an emotional connection to get off. But how do you remain fuckbuddies without getting anyone’s feelings involved in the process? This can be tricky, but not if you have a list of ground rules. We have outlined some of the most tried and true rules so that your fuckbuddy can stay just that.

Don’t Be Exclusive

Yes, this may seem like an obvious one, but you would not believe how many people enter into the fuckbuddy stage of their relationship with an “exclusive” rule stamped on the first page of the contract. This allows for attachments to form, too much time to be spent together. If we are being real, this means that you are practically in a committed relationship already…except when you get hurt, you won’t really have a right to because, after all, you are just fuckbuddies, right? If you’re going to be fuckbuddies with someone, make sure it stays uncomplicated. Just enjoy the time with your special person while they are there. 

Keep It About The Sex

You have a fuckbuddy for one specific purpose; to get yours. Whether you are craving another warm body on top of you, want a break from the monotony that is masturbation, or just want to have an orgasm or two, a fuckbuddy should be reserved for naked, consensual, adult fun. When your fun is done, there is no need to stay and cuddle and talk about the trials and tribulations of your day. Make sure that there is a firm line in the sand so that you and your partner keep your feelings at bay. There is no need to text them every day or hang out with them regularly. If you do, you will be crossing territories into FWB and that makes things a hell of a lot more complicated.

Have Open Conversations

Now, we know that this sounds odd seeing as we have been telling you NOT to talk, but instead tussle in the sheets, however, before the tussling comes the talking. You want to enter into this making sure that you are both on the same page and are looking for the same things from a partner. This is not the time to be shy or compromise – you are both using each other and you know it, so why not get the best sex possible out of the situation? Each relationship is different, so your ground rules are up to you….we just suggest you have some!

Remember, when it comes to fuckbuddies, the best rule is: Out of sight, out of mind! And don’t you forget it!