Things To Do With A Fuckbuddy That Aren’t Sex

We all know that a fuckbuddy is someone who you keep around for the times you want to get laid. They are someone who is always there for you physically, not emotionally. Call them after midnight for a booty call and they’ll likely oblige. But there is a type of fuckbuddy that you enjoy spending time with, both in your bed and outside of your bed. This breed of fuck friend is called a friend-with-benefits. Maybe you two were even friends first before you started having sex.

Maybe the sexual relationship expanded to include friendly activities. And maybe, just maybe you got lucky enough to meet this person on an online escort website, and they don’t mind ditching the transactional aspect of your friendship because now they just enjoy spending time with you for free. No matter how your friends-with-benefits situation came to be, it’s clear that that’s the correct label for your situation. That being said, you don’t quite want a relationship with this person. This can get tricky because you don’t want your activities outside of fucking to feel date-like. You don’t want to blur the lines too much or imply that your feelings extend beyond the physical. So, what exactly can you do with your fuckbuddy that isn’t sleeping with or sleeping next to?

Netflix and Chill

Watching a movie and chilling on the couch is a safe bet for you and your fuckbuddy. It’s probably something that you are engaging in already. The term ‘Netflix and Chill’ has ultimately become a way to describe foreplay. People use the term to ask others if they want to have sex because sex so often follows Netflixing. Just be sure to not turn on a movie that’s overly romantic. Stick with comedy and horror as you choose a movie to watch with a fuckbuddy so that no serious emotions get stirred up. Chances are, you won’t be finishing the movie anyways.

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Order Food

Eating food with a fuckbuddy is fine as long as it is in your house or her house. If you find yourself eating out in a restaurant with a fuckbuddy, it’s likely that you’ve just been suckered into a date. Make sure the food is always delivered or takeout and perhaps order it before you Netflix and Chill. It’s also ok to split the bill with a fuckbuddy. Again, paying for everything might lead to some romantic implications that you certainly aren’t going for.

Gym Time

If you are the athletic type of friends-with-benefits, try going to the gym together. It’s a good activity because it allows you to get sweaty and find yourself in compromising positions as you stretch each other out. Often this can lead to a steamy post-gym shower and eventual fuckbuddy sex. Also, it’ll keep you in shape and healthy. What’s not to like about an arrangement like that?

Go On A Walk

It’s safe to go on a walk with your fuckbuddy, especially if you’ve been inside for a while. Sometimes a fuckbuddy get together can last more than 24 hours. You know the drill: You invite someone over on a Friday and suddenly you wake up on Sunday after multiple movies and rounds of fucking? A good way to break this up is to take a few walks every now and then. Go for a cigarette break, leave the house to get some takeout food, or simply take your dog for a walk. Get the body moving if you are having one of those sessions that lasts for days.

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Grab a Drink

While going out to a dinner with a fuckbuddy isn’t really acceptable, it’s ok to go out for something more casual like drinks, coffee, and sometimes breakfast. Not everyone loves to grab cocktails, so we’ve added breakfast and coffee to this tip. Going out for drinks is more suggestive and less romantic than going for dinner. Heading to a dinner or meal together is pretty much the same as going on a date. Breakfast is an exception when the breakfast is had after a night of fuckbuddy fun. And coffee is a casual activity for fuckbuddies who aren’t into drinking.


If you aren’t chilling with your fuckbuddy on a given night but want to communicate, you can always sext them. Not only is it a sexual way to communicate and see what’s up in their life, but it also is a healthy new thing to incorporate into your sex life. Sexting is becoming more and more popular with people engaging in it around the clock. Exchange nudes, send hot messages and get off while you and your fuckbuddy are both comfortable in your own houses.

Next time you are with your fuckbuddy, try doing one of these casual activities that are fun but don’t cross the line from playful and friendly to getting too serious with your fuckbuddy. Engaging in this stuff can be fun and even practical but won’t send any mixed signals to your fuck friend. Enjoy the time you spend with your friend-with-benefits without ruining the friendship by keeping your hangouts light, casual, and sexy.

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