10 Tips For Having Sex With Someone New

As much as fuckbuddies are meant for NSA casual sex, there is still a level of vulnerability that happens when you have sex with a new person. You are totally naked after all, with nothing save you from your own insecurities. There’s so much that could happen when you have sex with someone new. A ton could go right, that’s for sure. But there’s a lot of potential for weird awkward moments that you’ll be spending several days trying to forget. To combat that potential, there are some things you can try to make sex awesome with someone new. When you’re sleeping with a lot of fuckbuddies, you’ll want to keep these tricks handy so that the sexual experience feels as good as it can possibly feel with that new friend-with-benefits.


Give yourself ample opportunity to feel as sexy as possible. You’re not going to feel like a million bucks if you’ve got the whole day’s sweat still lingering all over you. It’s also a good idea to throw on some sexy underwear. Whether it’s lingerie or sexy boxers, just make sure you pick the pair without the stains. Feeling sexy before a first-time romp with a new person is going to make you feel confident and comfortable through the experience.

Bring gum

You’ll hopefully be doing a lot of stuff with your mouth, so bad breath isn’t an option. Toss some gum in your pocket so that you are prepared to smell minty fresh when you lean in for that sex-initiating kiss with your new fuckbuddy. You can always spit the gum out right before you kiss, or toss it before things get really heated.

Bring condoms

Safe sex is really important to a good fuckbuddy experience. As a fuckbuddy isn’t someone you are in a serious relationship with, or someone you are comfortable creating a child with, condoms are a must. Skip any unnecessary anxiety by just wearing one. Not to mention, they protect you from other STIs that you aren’t going to want to deal with either. Stay on the safe side and have that condom handy.

Use lubricant

It’s not always easy to get our bodies on the same page when having sex for the first time with a new fuckbuddy. Sometimes, one person is more biologically turned on than the other. There’s not much worse than dry sex, so keep it lubricated. Lube will make your bodies fit better together and make the sex more enjoyable overall. It also helps a woman if she has trouble getting wet before the sex actually starts.


New fuckbuddies can sometimes get a little too eager, jumping ahead of themselves and going right for penetration. But you need to warm your bodies up to one another. Remember that this is a new experience for both of you. Even if you are sexual pros, this is the first time you are having sex with one another. Play around with touching, licking, stroking, and so on. Get in the groove of what your bodies both need from one another and then get down and dirty with it.

Ditch the vanity

When we get into a bed with someone we’ve never fucked, and we are totally naked, it’s hard not to be concerned with how our bodies look. Are we in shape? Does our new friend think we are hot? There’s so much to wonder. But guess what? None of that matters. Not one bit. Ignore the urge to try to look at hot as possible or worry about your bodily insecurities. You are already there in bed with someone, so know that they were attracted to you to begin with. Keep your confidence up and they won’t even notice the little things you are worried about.

Try playing a sexy game

It’s awkward to meet anyone for the first time, let alone someone you are about to get naked with. To break the ice, you can always play a hookup game. These are games that act as foreplay ideas for the sex. They feel a little silly, but they will help you get to know the person you are about to get down with, and will aid in making you both more comfortable during sex.

Tell them what you like

Let your new fuck friend know how you want to be touched and how you enjoy your sex. This person doesn’t know what you are into in the bedroom. To make the most of having a fuckbuddy at all, you need to be vocal about your bedroom interests so that they have a shot at pleasing you the right way.

Ask what they like too

Just as much as this person is here to please you, you are here to please them. Having a fuckbuddy is a two-way street and you want to be generous with each other (without allowing any boundaries to be crossed, don’t do anything you don’t feel ready for or happy to do!). Figure out what your new fuckbuddy enjoys and what gets them off. By making this a two-way street, you will also be enhancing the sex for yourself as they return the favor.

Try new positions

There are so many positions you can try, and a fuckbuddy is a great person to try them out on. You are there to experiment sexually and have a fantastic time. Your fuckbuddy will probably appreciate the creativity as well as you switch up the positions. It’s especially helpful if what you are both doing isn’t working to reach an orgasm.