Random Places In Your House To Bang A Fuckbuddy

Monotony is like poison to a fuck buddy relationship. When things go stale or get boring, the spark that was once alive dies. There’s really no reason to keep having casual sex with someone who doesn’t excite you, as hookups are supposed to be an exciting part of your life. They aren’t like long-term relationships … Read more

Anxiety Might Make You A Better Fuckbuddy

Anxiety and sex don’t always mix in most people’s minds. An even less likely pair is anxiety and fuckbuddies. Friends with benefits would seem, in theory, to work best for folks without anxiety. It’s a low stress, low emotion, purely sexual thing. But, anxiety can actually make you pretty good at sex. It is a … Read more

How To Use A Vibrator, For Lonely Ladies In Quarantine

Quarantine has been quite rough on the fuckbuddy community. It’s causing people to fear something once held sacred. The fuckbuddy relationship might be on the fritz, but that doesn’t mean that your orgasm should be delayed or gone. There are plenty of ways to have a solo orgasm, and likewise, several ways to enjoy a … Read more

Is Your Fetish Strange?

As a fuck site, we don’t believe in sex-shaming. in fact, we encourage all types of weird kinky behavior that involves consenting adults. Getting your rocks off is important and healthy. Suppressing your fantasy because you think it’s strange isn’t going to do you any good in the long run. In fact, it’s pretty bad … Read more

Do You Have a Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is something that is real and flourishing in America; nevertheless, people are afraid to talk about it. The fear in talking about it has built up an unnecessary and invalidating stigma around the addiction, when in actuality, it is a very real problem for people that renders some serious detrimental effects on people’s … Read more

How To Clean Your Sex Toys

Why Do Fuckbuddies Use Toys In The First Place? Toys are an awesome way to add to your fuckbuddy experience. They allow for you to try new things and totally let loose. They also serve to enhance your already bustling sex life! You can use toys like vibrators to make your fuckbuddy sex sizzle even … Read more

How To Get A Fuckbuddy

Fuckbuddies are a totally essential relationship for folks who are single or in an open relationship. They are fun, casual, and provide orgasms without any responsibility. And while they seem to dominate the millennial generation, a fuckbuddy can be good for anyone regardless of age. It’s no wonder that they are in such high demand. … Read more

How To Turn Your Fuckbuddy Into A Relationship

Fuckbuddies are always a fantastic time. It’s all of the fun without any of the strings. All of the sexy times without any of the emotional ones. Even in a friends-with-benefits situation, where emotions are more prevalent because friendship is there, there’s no real responsibility to the other person. While this is a great arrangement … Read more

Using Sex Candles To Spice It Up With A Fuckbuddy

So, what is a sex candle anyways? A sex candle is a candle made for sensual and massage play. The oils used to create the wax are skin-safe, and the temperatures required to melt the wax are especially low so that you can use them with less heat than the average candle (and avoid burning … Read more

Is It Cool To Have a Fuckbuddy In Quarantine

Quarantine has been really detrimental to many aspects in life. One of the biggest ones? Fucking. For us hornballs, walling up inside our homes or apartments alone has made us feel like we are about to burst. Masturbation can only go so far for those looking for a bit of skin-to-skin contact. With the world … Read more