Ladies, What Does Your Favorite Sex Position Say About You?

Ladies, when you’re having sex with your fuckbuddy, you know what you like. You know what position, what move, and what sensation is going to send you over the edge. But, have you ever thought about why you like to be put in that particular position? Beyond the obvious idea that it physically feels good, why does that position turn you on? Body language has long been scientifically linked to personality, and that bleeds into everything from sleeping positions, stance, walk, and sex.

Additionally, to add more layers, what does it mean when you like to be in that position with a fuckbuddy rather than a partner. Think about it! Sex, even with a fuckbuddy, is a very intimate experience. However, having sex with a friends-with-benefits is supposedly void of emotional connection. Well, we don’t think that’s entirely true. Check out what these positions you enjoy with your fuckbuddy say about your personality! 

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While some of our research has dubbed this position the ‘lazy’ position, we think it’s more complicated than that. Girls that like missionary position like to be comfortable, emotional, and cozy while they are doing the deed. While yes, it’s probably the easiest position to be in, it doesn’t equate to lazy in our eyes. Getting into a comfortable and emotional space with a fuckbuddy is unique, but it doesn’t mean you have feelings for your fuckbuddy. It simply means that you enjoy being comfortable in all social situations, and you intentionally place yourself in the easiest and most chill position! Gazing into your fuckbuddies eyes while he’s on top of you is your way of bonding in a human way rather than a relationship way. You are great with people, understanding, and peaceful.

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Girls who enjoy a cowgirl position are often confident, life of the party, and controlling. In your daily life, you intimate the people around you, but you aren’t mean. You simply know what you want. Girls on top end up doing a lot of work, but it doesn’t matter because he watches you from below like you’re a Greek goddess. You’re the kind of chick who will do what she needs to do to get what she wants, and doesn’t put up with anyone’s bullshit. If being on top is what gets you off, you’re a firecracker. 

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl gals enjoy a bit of mental stimulation while they have sex. Reverse cowgirl is an interesting position because it requires a bit of work, feels amazing, and gives the guy a fantastic view. It means you like to please, so long as it also pleases you! A chick who likes to orgasm while in reverse cowgirl is probably someone who enjoys puzzles or riddles. Untangling a mess and making it work is something you’re incredible at. You’re a fixer and probably are known as the ‘therapist’ among your friends. But, you’ll never put your comfort in jeopardy for the comfort of others. 


You get off on being overpowered, but it doesn’t make you a weak person in real life. On the contrary! You are someone who is so comfortable being vulnerable, and so used to be confident, that allowing someone to overpower you in the bedroom is what you need to set you over the edge. You are probably a pretty emotional person, intelligent, and tend to overthink things. Sex is where you can totally let go of trying to control everything and allow the pleasure to take over. You’re an awesome fuckbuddy because you love a good fuck and don’t get too emotional about it. That being said, you’re not a robot. You and your fuckbuddy are probably pretty friendly because you’re really easy to get along with. 

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Little Spoon

Girls who enjoy being the little spoon during a fuckbuddy session are generally the cuties. They enjoy being small, taken care of, and feeling comfortable. Some people may describe you as needy, but you aren’t needy! You just happen to like being taken care of, and who doesn’t? You might want to take some time to let your fuckbuddy partner know that the need to be taken care of does not extend outside of the bedroom, because it can certainly get confusing for some guys (guys are easily confused). But, your fuckbuddy probably sees you as adorable, because you are!