So, What Is a Foot Fetish?

The body is a beautiful thing with edges and corners that are unique to each person. Many things about the body can be a huge turn on for people. Usually, people are turned on by a person’s butt, chest, lips, or legs. These body parts are often looked at to determine a person’s attractiveness, and they are pretty universally agreed upon. One body part that people tend to have very split opinions on is the human foot. For some people, feet are disgusting, dirty, and smelly.

They are seen as disgraceful and not sexual at all. Those people tend to stay far away from their fuckbuddy’s feet. Funnily enough, for others, feet are the sexiest things in the world. People who think that feet are a big turn on are often described as people who have foot fetishes. For those of us who go through life without this fetish, it’s difficult to understand how on earth someone can be so turned on by feet. Nevertheless, it’s a massive turn on for a large group of people. And, in actuality, there are some pretty reasonable findings as to why people love feet so much. 

First, we should describe what a foot fetish is exactly. A foot fetish, which is also known as podophelia, is an intense sexual reaction to feet or footwear. People who have a foot fetish often include feet or shoes into their sexual activities. And, often times, it is more common among men. For example, a man with a foot fetish might be interested in sucking on someone else’s toes during foreplay, or he may want a person’s foot to touch his penis. At the most basic level, a person with a foot fetish will incorporate feet into their sexual routine. 

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People are often very curious as to where foot fetishes come from. There is no way to define exactly where a fetish starts, but there are some theories with scientific backing that seem to make sense. Some people believe that a foot fetish stems from a sexual encounter with a foot in early childhood. A person grows to associate feet with sexual pleasure and thus develops the fetish.

Others believe that it’s the opposite. They think that a person may have developed a disgust for feet, and subsequently found a sexual desire to things he/she considers to be taboo. That would, of course, involve feet. Then there are those who believe that it’s a purely emotional response to a desire to be submissive. Kissing another person’s feet is a historically submissive act that has been performed for centuries. 

All fetishes often come with a bunch of misconceptions, and a foot fetish is no exception. People often associate those who have this fetish to be freaky or weird, when in actuality this is one of the most common fetishes that exists. Truthfully, if everyone involved is in a safe and consenting sexual situation, there shouldn’t be any judgement surrounding a person’s preferences. If you have a foot fetish or your partner has a foot fetish, you should not be embarrassed or ashamed. In fact, studies show that it’s way healthier to embrace your weird sexual fantasies. 

If you decide that you want to begin introducing feet into your sex life, there are ways to go about it that allows it to feel like a seamless transition. First of all, you should do it with a partner that you feel comfortable with if it is your first time. You are entitled to feeling a sexual arousal when looking at feet, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Explain this to your partner and let them know that you trust him/her enough to try to incorporate it into the bedroom.

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If you don’t have a partner to try this with, try to find a fuckbuddy with similar interests. Fuckbuddies lend themselves to breaking boundaries and trying new things! If you get lucky and find someone else who has a similar fetish, it could be a really fun way for you to explore this fetish! Once you find your partner, start off slow. You don’t have to jump in full throttle! Perhaps experiment with oral footplay or a foot massage as foreplay. It will give your partner a chance to enjoy the experience as well! 

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A fetish is a perfectly normal and healthy thing to have. We hope that if you decide to incorporate feet into your sex life, that you do so with pride. You deserve to enjoy another (consenting) person’s body part, no matter what that actually is. If you are interesting in having someone else play with your feet, make sure to clean them before asking them to play with your feet. Making sure that everyone involved is comfortable is going to be crucial if you want to have an enjoyable experience. In the end, the foot is simply another part of the body. If it turns you on, we support you!