The BuddyBang Condom Guide for Women

We believe in fucking. A lot. But with fucking a lot, especially with fuckbuddies, we strongly encourage the practice of safe sex. Typically, within straight sexual relationships, women do their part with birth control and men do their part with condoms. Birth control will not prevent the transmission of STDs, therefore the condom is so important. However, there are a lot of men who don’t enjoy using a condom.

They may try to set up a fuckbuddy session with a woman, and conveniently forget the condom, or claim they just ran out. This little lie is usually followed by “don’t worry babe, I’ll just pull out.” What happens next? Often, women go through with the sex and subsequent anxiety afterwards. Ladies, protect yourself. While we think it’s scummy for a guy to show up to have sex with you and doesn’t bring a condom, women can also purchase condoms to be prepared. They are available at drugstores and gas stations, making them incredibly easy to access. But, while they are easy to find, they aren’t necessarily easy to navigate.

This is simply because there are so many options. Lube or no lube? Small or large? Fire and ice?! Yes. There are many options when it comes to purchasing condoms to stay prepared. We, as fuckbuddy advocates, believe it is our duty to introduce the women who are lost to the world of condoms. In this article, we will show you the ropes on how to go about suggesting the use of a condom and which condoms to buy to give women the ultimate pleasure. 

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First, we want to go through having the condom conversation with a guy. Guys can be persuasive against the use of a condom because it ‘feels better.’ But, is it worth it to deal with the fear of pregnancy or an STD? Does it feel that much better? We understand why many women don’t dispute this with men they sleep with, and we are saddened by the amount of unnecessary anxiety it can cause. But, there is a tried and true way to handle this conversation. Rather than starting an argument, simply inform the guy you are about to sleep with that you won’t be able to personally enjoy sex without wearing one. Studies suggest that men enjoy sex a lot more if they know that the women they are sleeping with are also enjoying sex.

A real man won’t want to have sex with someone who they think isn’t enjoying it. And, if he seems to not care, you should promptly kick him out and search for another fuckbuddy. As we’ve mentioned in our other blogs, fuckbuddies are void of emotional attachment, but they should still understand basic human empathy and understanding. If instead, he continues to persist (perhaps he says something like, “but you’re on the pill”), calmly remind him that you are fuckbuddies and not committed to one another. He therefore has the freedom to sleep with other people, as do you. It will give him a sense of freedom and hopefully get the point across that when people have multiple partners, they should be safe. 

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If you anticipate that your fuckbuddy partner is going to try to get out of wearing a condom, you’ll want to have some on tap (either in your home or your purse). We’ve come up with our five favorite options that will satisfy both you and your fuckbuddy partner!  

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condom

As Amazon’s best selling condom, it’s a favorite among many fuckbuddy pairs. Why? The rubber is so thin, that it feels virtually non-existent!

Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi Dots

These condoms are also very thin, but they are textured and ribbed to provide internal and clitoral stimulation for her. As the thinnest ribbed condoms on the market, they are a big favorite for many! 

Playboy Pleasure Studded Condoms

These studded condoms are among a favorite of the textured condoms. Not only is the lubricant provided very pleasurable and soft, but the ribs are notorious for making women quiver! 

Lifestyle Skyn Flavored Condoms

These condoms are great for men and women because they are flavored and perfect for blowjobs! When you have multiple fuckbuddies, it’s important to use protection (which many people are not aware of). 

Durex Condom Prolong

This is a fantastic condom for both men and women because not only does the lubricant heat up, but it also numbs a man’s penis allowing him to last longer for a woman. It’s a win win!