How to Not Have Feelings For a Fuckbuddy

Casual sexual relationships can serve you in so many ways. Fuckbuddies build sexual confidence, fulfill desires, and create fun and excitement in someone’s life. Once you are able to find yourself a great fuckbuddy, you’ll want to do your best to hold onto him/her. It sounds easy, but when two people spend their most intimate moments together, there’s a chance that complications can arise. There are plenty of rules to follow in order to create and maintain a great fuckbuddy relationship, but there’s one rule that stands above the rest in its importance. That rule? Never catch feelings for your fuckbuddy! If you are an emotional being, this might come as a huge challenge. That’s why we’ve written this guide on how to avoid having those feelings for a FWB! 

Be honest with yourself 

Before you move forward with any fuckbuddy relationship, you’ll need to have a conversation with yourself. As amazing as FWBs are, they are certainly not for everyone. Think to yourself if this is something that you really want to do! Are you going to be OK with the fact that your fuckbuddy is not going to feel something for you and that he/she never has to? Are you someone who is capable of having sex without developing romantic feelings? Make sure that having a fuck buddy is the right decision for where you are in your life. 

Avoid deep conversation

One of the best ways to avoid having feelings for a fuckbuddy is to keep the conversation as light as possible. Human beings establish friendships and relationships by connecting on deep levels. This deepness comes from intense conversation and the feeling of openness between two people. If you keep all conversation in the realm of surface-level small talk, you’ll never give yourself the chance to fall for him/her because you’ll never connect ont hat deeper level.  

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Lock your FWB in the bedroom

Ok, we don’t mean that you should actually lock someone inside your bedroom. What we mean by locking up your FWB is more metaphorical. In other words, don’t let the relationship expand anywhere beyond the bedroom. Don’t introduce your fuckbuddy to your friends, family, roommates, etc. If you have roommates, hanging out in the living room with a fuckbuddy is dangerous territory. You want to keep your fuckbuddy limited to sex and not ‘hanging out.’ If your fuckbuddy begins to establish a friendship with your friends, the FWB situation is likely to get very messy. 

Only communicate when you want to bang

When it comes to communicating with a fuckbuddy, you’ll want to limit all reaching out to times when you want to have sex. Do not reach out to your fuckbuddy to check in on his/her day, don’t reach out to him/her with a random question, or a conversation starter. Texts between you and your fuckbuddy should be short and sweet. They may include a lot of late night, “you up?” texts. The only time it’s ever acceptable for the texting to not be about meeting up is when the texting is about sex itself. Sexting with a fuckbuddy is ok. Texting a, “How’s your day going?” is not.

Don’t follow him/her on social media

There’s no reason for you to follow your fuckbuddy on any social media platforms. The only exception to this rule is if you met on a social media platform. Unfollowing would appear petty and uncool, so we aren’t suggesting that you unfollow your fuckbuddy if you already follow him/her, we are simply saying that you should never go out of your way to be friends with or stalk your fuckbuddy on social media. It’s not healthy to be reminded of him/her on a daily basis. Additionally, social media gives people clues about others’ personal lives. You don’t want to let your fuckbuddy bleed into your personal life, and additionally you shouldn’t bleed into his/hers.

Make him/her one of many

The beautiful thing about having a fuckbuddy is that the relationship is not exclusive. Make sure that your fuckbuddy is not your only form of intimacy! Go out and have multiple partners! It will allow you to keep your feelings away from your current fuckbuddy. Conversely, if you allow your fuckbuddy to be your only form of intimate contact, it will allow you space to develop feelings for him/her. The best way to avoid that is to make him/her one of many fuckbuddies. 

Avoid the romantic cuddle 

After you have sex, it can be all too easy to cuddle and start pillow-talking. Cuddling bonds humans in a romantic way, so it should be avoided between fuckbuddies. Fuckbuddies who cuddle often experience confusion as their bodies exchange pheromones and Oxytocin. If you keep away from the cuddle-sesh, you are far more likely to be protected from your own feelings.