Your Fuckbuddy Style Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are tons of ways to enjoy the fuckbuddy lifestyle. For example, you can be the type of person who likes to have a couple of slam pieces on the side or someone who likes to nurture one friends-with-benefits at a time! Maybe you like to get kinky with your fuckbuddys, or perhaps you even let … Read more

Exploring BDSM Roles With A FuckBuddy

FWBs and NSA relationships are beloved by people because they allow for a judgment-free zone in which sexual exploration can happen! Roleplaying and experimentation is greatly encouraged during Buddybang sessions with a fuckbuddy. It’s a great way to spice things up. One of the most popular forms is BDSM! Now, BDSM definitely isn’t for everyone, but … Read more

How to Bring Food Into the Bedroom

Pleasurable. Satisfying. Addictive. What are we referring to? Well, we could be referring to sex, but we could also be referring to food. The truth is that food and sex inspire a lot of the same gratifying feelings and emotions, making it two of the greatest gifts the world has to offer to mankind. So, … Read more

The BuddyBang Condom Guide for Women

We believe in fucking. A lot. But with fucking a lot, especially with fuckbuddies, we strongly encourage the practice of safe sex. Typically, within straight sexual relationships, women do their part with birth control and men do their part with condoms. Birth control will not prevent the transmission of STDs, therefore the condom is so important. However, there are … Read more

Signs You’ve Caught Feelings for Your Fuckbuddy

If you’ve clicked the link to read this article, chances are that you’re feeling a little confused about your fuckbuddy situation. You may be wondering if you have done the unspeakable: caught feelings for your fuckbuddy. But, don’t feel too bad. This kind of thing happens. You are a human being with human emotions. If … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Having a Fuckbuddy

In many cases, acquiring a fuckbuddy is a magical experience. The shelf-life of a fuckbuddy is always different; however, a constant fact is that the fuckbuddy story seems to write itself. Unlike dating or falling in love, fuckbuddy stories don’t require dating, meeting friends, buying presents, and making a great impression. In fact, a fuckbuddy is … Read more

How to Tell a Guy You Want a Boyfriend (Not a Fuckbuddy)

So, you’ve done the unthinkable and caught some feelings for your fuckbuddy that you met on BuddyBang or another fuck site. It’s a really difficult situation for any women to be in, because joining and establishing a fuckbuddy relationship is like signing a NSA agreement for a relationship that does not go beyond the bedroom. However, … Read more

BuddyBang’s Anal Sex Tips!

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How To Give Your Fuck Buddy An Awesome Handjob

Fucking a fuck buddy can be good fun, but what’s also really fun is the foreplay! People tend to underestimate how awesome foreplay can be. A little rub-a-dub-dub before all the action? It’s awesome! That kind of action is also great if, for whatever reason, actually having sex is off the table. Perhaps you want … Read more