How To Get A Fuckbuddy

Fuckbuddies are a totally essential relationship for folks who are single or in an open relationship. They are fun, casual, and provide orgasms without any responsibility. And while they seem to dominate the millennial generation, a fuckbuddy can be good for anyone regardless of age. It’s no wonder that they are in such high demand. With a large supply of singles looking to meet and fuck, it would stand to reason that finding a fuckbuddy is easy. But, it’s really not that simple. While tons of people want fuckbuddies, there’s still a social taboo around the idea of straight-out asking someone to be your fuckbuddy. Beyond that, people (even folks who love casual sex) are particular about who they bring into the bedroom. To find a quality, ongoing fuckbuddy, you are going to need to put in a little bit of work. There are several methods in which one can find an awesome friends-with-benefits…

The old-school way

Back in the day, before ‘fuckbuddy’ was a household term, people would find casual sex in bars, clubs, nights out, and parties. You know the story of the hot singles who meet at a bar, feel immediate sexual chemistry and spend the night ripping each other’s clothes off and taking shots of tequila. This is how most casual hookups used to begin. And, it’s still a viable option. You can still head out and find people who you’ll want to take home. If you are lucky, the person you bring home is someone you can trust and someone who you could see yourself booty-calling in the future. But, that isn’t always the case and so you’ve got to be a bit careful when inviting strangers into your home, or inviting yourself into a stranger’s home. If you aren’t sure how to approach someone to ask for casual sex, you can always start with offering to buy them a drink. If they accept the drink and get flirty, you can be almost positive that it’s on for you two.

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Hookup sites

Technology has made everything faster and more obtainable. This doesn’t exclude fuckbuddies. With the rise of the internet, hookup sites and fuckbuddy sites have been created to make it easier for people to find locals to bang. They are awesome because they give you a preview of what you are in for. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know how hookup websites and apps work, they are websites in which you upload a profile and browse through other profiles. Profiles include hot photos and some information about the person. Sometimes, they even tell you how far away from that person you are. You can match with tons of hotties and set up several potential hookups. This is a great way to play the fuckbuddy field before settling down with one or a handful of ongoing FWBs. They are also fun ways to find people to sext if you aren’t totally available to meet up right then and there.

Phone a flame

Another creative way to find a fuckbuddy is to hit up some previous sex friends. Maybe you had a one night stand with someone and got her number, or maybe you have an ex who is particularly kinky. There are no set rules which suggest that you can’t hit up someone you’ve already boned to set up an ongoing hookup situation for yourself. The best part about this method is that you already know whether or not you and this person have chemistry in bed. There isn’t any guessing about whether or not it’ll be a good fuck. There is always the risk of stirring up old emotions or even offending the person who hit up, but you’ll never know for sure until you try. If that person isn’t in your life at all at anymore, what do you have to lose by asking if they want to bang?

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Escort sites

Escort websites provide a sure-fire way to find someone who is going to fuck you and be amazing at it. The catch, of course, is that you’ll have to pay for the sex. To some people, this isn’t they way they’d want to go about finding a fuckbuddy. However, to others, it could be an absolute turn-on. Escort websites are not all the same and there are some that foster casual relationships that don’t feel as transactional. For example, Seeking Arrangements is an interesting site in which you can find someone to create a casual sexual arrangement for that goes beyond a pay-for-sex one-time encounter. You might even get lucky enough to find someone who doesn’t want to be paid in money at all, but rather quality time. This is a great option for older folks looking to meet younger ladies to fuck.