How To Clean Your Sex Toys

Why Do Fuckbuddies Use Toys In The First Place?

Toys are an awesome way to add to your fuckbuddy experience. They allow for you to try new things and totally let loose. They also serve to enhance your already bustling sex life! You can use toys like vibrators to make your fuckbuddy sex sizzle even more. Or, you can enhance your BDSM fantasy with some whips or pegs! Because there are so many erogenous zones that can be stimulated during sex, using a toy in a spot where your hand can’t reach is going to lend itself to a mindblowing experience. Not to mention, we know that it’s not always possible to have a fuckbuddy (especially during these times). That’s when toys come in handy for solo use or virtual sex use!

How To Clean Your Toys

Whether you are using your toys with a fuckbuddy or alone, you are going to want to clean them. This will be good for your personal safety and hygiene, but also for the lifespan of your toy! If you aren’t cleaning your sex toys, you are doing something wrong (especially if you are using them with other people). Let’s say you use your toys with a fuckbuddy or escort. You have no idea how many other places they have been and it’s best to be safe (PS- If you use your toy with a fuckbuddy or a lady of the night, it might be a good idea to use it with a condom for preventative measures). Regardless, and even if you are alone, you want to keep that stuff clean.

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The Importance of Cleaning Your Toys 
It is so important to clean your sex toys after every use for both your own health and for the sake of the toy! In the health department, you’ll want to keep your toys clean because our genitals tend to carry a lot of bacteria that we don’t want to get onto the toy. Not only is it unsanitary, but it can lead to future bacterial infections or yeast infections.  Sexually transmitted infections are also able to survive on toy materials and cleaning your toys will prevent them from spreading or reinfecting yourself. Additionally, you’ll want to clean your toys before you store them, especially if you are using toys for different areas. For example, an anal toy should not be left with other toys due to potential cross-contamination.

For the sake of the toy, you’ll want to make sure you keep it clean. Some materials have the potential to actually rot over time, which is aided by bacteria living on the toy if you do not clean it. Build-up or poor storing methods can also break your precious toy!

Materials To Avoid/Look For
Sadly, not all sex toys are actually safe for your body. Many actually contain phthalates (which makes the toys flexible). This can make it fun to use in theory, but phthalate is a toxin, so it should absolutely be avoided. There are essentially two types of materials when it comes to sex toys: porous and non-porous. Think of the material the same way you’d think of your skin. Non-porous materials are going to be so much safer because they aren’t likely to get bacteria or fungus trapped inside the pores. Even after cleaning porous materials, there is likely still junk trapped inside those tiny pores.

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Here are the materials you are going to want:
Silicone (A favored sex toy material because it is soft. Do not store silicone toys next to each other because it can cause the material to break down), plastic, metal, glass, and stone.

Materials to avoid:
Jelly, PVC, latex, rubber, TPR or thermoplastic rubber/TPE or thermoplastic elastomer…

Best Cleaning Methods
– Clean washcloth on toys with batteries (so as to not submerge it in water)
– Dishwasher: Yes! You can actually wash the toy in the top rack of your dishwasher if it’s made of non-porous materials or batteries!
– Warm water and unscented soap for toys that don’t include batteries.
– Sex toy cleaner
– Soak for a short time in boiling water (for nonporous toys with no batteries)

How to keep them clean: 

Proper storage is key. If you store your toy properly, you won’t need to wash it before you use it (only after). After you wash your toy, make sure it is 100% dry. In fact, make sure it’s 200% dry. If it is wet when you store it, there’s a chance it can accumulate mildew which is completely unsanitary. I recommend storing toys in individual silk drawstring pouches or cloth bags. They must be stored in a cool dry place (in other words, not by the window where direct sunlight could hit them) and they must be kept separate from one another.