Is Your Fetish Strange?

As a fuck site, we don’t believe in sex-shaming. in fact, we encourage all types of weird kinky behavior that involves consenting adults. Getting your rocks off is important and healthy. Suppressing your fantasy because you think it’s strange isn’t going to do you any good in the long run. In fact, it’s pretty bad for the soul. Fuckbuddies are an awesome way to test the waters with your fetishes. That’s because the very nature of a FWB is to engage in some judgement-free no-strings-attached sex.

It’s a playground for your fetishes and you shouldn’t feel any shame when you bring them up to your hookup! There are tons of hookup sites that actually cater to fetishes. Many of them tend to be of the BDSM or foot-fetish variety, but there are several others. There are also escort sites which are divided up into fetish categories, so you can find someone to fuck who is into the kind of kinky stuff you are into! However, there are some kinks that are uncommon.

They are so uncommon, in fact, that it’s hard to even find fuck sites that mention what they are! If you fall into the category of any fetishes we have listed, we want you to know that it’s totally ok! Here are some awesomely weird fetishes that people are into:

Kleptolagnia: Sexual gratification from stealing

Here’s someone who gets a little thrill from stealing. Maybe it’s a piece of bubble gum from the gas station, or perhaps they are serial thieves! Needless to say, they aren’t the most fun fuckbuddies to have, especially once you realize that all of your stuff is missing. And, if this sounds like you, while we aren’t sex-shaming you, we do want to make sure that you stay out of jail on this one!

Hobophilia: Turned on by hobos

Listen, everyone needs to get laid, so why shouldn’t the homeless? The name of this fetish sounds a little dated (who uses the word ‘hobo’ anymore?), but it’s a pretty cool fetish. It probably has something to do with the fact that the homeless community is one of the last standing taboo realms of modern society. It’s pretty clear why that could be a big turn-on for someone.

Claustrophilia: Aroused by tight spaces

This is almost the opposite of claustrophobia. Instead of fearing tight spaces, you want to fuck them! In a way, we are all a little bit into claustrophobia, aren’t we? We suppose it depends on how you define a ‘tight space.’ Is it like doing it in a cramped closet or lofted bed, or does the tight space refer to how ‘tight’ someone is? We assume it isn’t the latter, but we are not here to define exactly what it means for each person. The bottom line is that people who are into claustrophilia like it tight, and who can blame them?

Gerontophilia: Thinks the elderly are hot, hot, hot!

The elderly community is actually a really horny one, so it’s heartwarming to know that there’s a group of people out there who finds them, and exclusively them, very fuckable. There is something hot about someone who is wise and experienced. If you know how to knock boots with someone without knocking over their walker, more power to you!

Knismolagnia: Turned on by being tickled!

Tickling can also make awesome foreplay if you are someone who enjoys being tickled. Of course, you have to be at least a little ticklish to have access to this fetish. We can see why that kind of goofy touch might turn someone on. And, there’s actually a lot of porn out there for people who are into this sort of thing!

Pubephilia: Pubes make them horny

This is an interesting one because back in the day, pubes made everyone horny. Now that they are less common, this fetish seems to be more prevalent than it used to be. People seem to miss the nostalgia of pubes. However, we don’t believe that pubes have to actually be on someone’s body for a pube-lover to get turned on. They might enjoy a particularly dirty bathroom owned by someone who just trimmed!