Why You Should Let Your Fuck Buddy Peg You

By now we have all heard mixed reviews on anal – you either love it or you hate it, but most of the hate surrounding anal is put out there by people who have no had the guts to try it. We understand why you would be hesitant, especially if you are a straight male. Anal plus … Read more

Is Road Head With Your Fuck Buddy a Good Idea?

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How To Have A Fuckbuddy in Quarantine

The year 2020 has been a surprising one to say the least, and it’s been very damaging to the fuckbuddy lifestyle. Meeting random people for casual hookups used to be a pretty low-risk activity. Today, meeting anyone random for any reason is high risk. The fuckbuddy world has been completely flipped on its head and … Read more

We Bet You’ve Never Heard These Hilarious Sex Slang Terms

Whoopie, blow job, pearl necklace, head. Blumpkin, doggy, BDSM! It sounds like Suessical the porno. If you’ve heard most of the terms in our little sexy rhyme, you might be an expert when it comes to sexual slang. Usually, when something evolves, it becomes more sophisticated. Sadly, this doesn’t really apply to the language of … Read more

Music To Fuck To (With a Fuckbuddy)

We get it, you love having sex to music. And why wouldn’t you? Certain types of music have the power to get you in the mood to have sex. That’s obvious, but what you might not understand is why it gets you in the mood! According to an article by Elite Daily, music is is great to combine … Read more

Ways For Females To Amp Up The Pleasure

Timid and shy thinking it’s all about the guy? It is time to put that thinking to rest, especially when we are talking about a fuckbuddy. What is the point of a fuckbuddy after all? It’s to get yours without any strings attached, a quid pro quo, a “I scratch your back and you scratch … Read more

A Few Fuckbuddy Phone Sex Tips For Men

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What To Get Your Fuckbuddy For Their Birthday

While on the surface birthdays are a fun and celebratory experience, they actually are scientifically proven to cause more stress than happiness! This goes for both the person ringing in a new year and the friends/family surrounding him or her. The stress has to do with a multitude of things such as getting older, planning … Read more

Anal Sex: The Myths

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Debunking Myths About Food And Sex

We hear it all the time from doctors, fitness snobs, and parents: “You are what you eat.” And, it’s pretty damn annoying when you are mid-bite into that morning pastry and the coworker who just biked to the office says it to you with a smirk. Really Sharon? Does that make me a croissant? While we think Sharon … Read more