Anal Sex: The Myths

If you and your fuckbuddy have been having sex for a long time, you may be thinking that it’s time to mix it up. Perhaps you’ve tossed the idea of having anal around a few times and are thinking about trying it, but never have. There are a multitude of reasons why anal sex may cause an unpleasant reaction, but that doesn’t mean that the idea should be thrown away completely. Society tends to put anal sex in the category of the tabboo or even ‘gross’, when in fact it’s actually very common, pleasurable, and normal.

If you’ve had even a moment of consideration, don’t sell the idea short. You might end up completely enjoying anal sex! In this article, we’ve researched and outlined some of the most common fears and misconceptions surrounding anal sex. We aim to debunk the myths that may be causing unnecessary fear, so that you can freely experiment with your fuckbuddy (a person who is perfect to experiment sexually with!). If you have pause every time you consider anal, this is the article you should be reading before you make your decision.

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It’ll be painful

Remember the first time you had sex? For most of us, it was either painful or uncomfortable. However, everyone gets through it and moves over that hump (pun intended). Eventually, sex becomes a pleasurable and fun experience with a lot of positives. The same can be said for anal sex. At first, it may hurt. It’s a smaller hole with more sensitive tissue; however, there is lubricant made specifically for anal and unique ways to ease into it. So, in short, yes it will most likely cause some discomfort at first, but in most cases, that pain subsides and you learn how to make it a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

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The Awkward Number 2

People are often worried that when they engage in anal sex, they are also going to involuntarily produce… um, excrements (which can seem pretty un-sexy). Let’s debunk this myth once and for all; you do notendure awkward poop moments every time you engage in anal sex. Not at all. The times that you have anal with no fecal matter coming out greatly outweigh the times that you do. Let’s repeat that…they GREATLY outweigh the times that you do.

If you are a generally clean human being, there’s no need to worry. Also, if you are two consenting adults, every party involved should understand and accept the (very small) risks involved with anal prior to anything getting put all up in there. Pay attention to the fact that you and your fuckbuddy are experiencing something new and exciting.

Anal Douching

Okay, so if you don’t know, you should under no circumstances douche on a daily basis – it is not good for you. You have certain bacteria in your body and your colon for a reason. However, if you had a particularly intense day of eating or just feel like you want to play it safe, this is definitely an option. It is very simple and very cost effective. You can buy a kit at any local pharmacy store, (CVS, Walgreens, etc). Once purchased, you simply insert the douche and lie on your side and wait a few minutes.

You’ll feel the urge to release your bowels pretty strongly and your colon will be cleaned out. HUGE TIP: Do not douche right before getting down and dirty. Give yourself several hours to make sure that everything that needs to come out is actually out. This requires some preparation on your part. However, in most cases this is an unnecessary and invasive step that can definitely be skipped. We do understand needing the reassurance of being sparkly clean though!

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