Having Sex With Strangers During These “Unprecedented Times”

You’ve heard it over and over again: We are living in unprecedented times. 2020 might have come to a close, but the pandemic is still in full swing. It has changed the way we live in so many dramatic ways. We’ve said, “see you later” to movie theaters and even dining indoors. The structure of our social lives has been rearranged, which also puts our casual sex lives in a tough spot. You can’t exactly engage in the usual fuckbuddy fun while maintaining social distancing. We aren’t supposed to touch let alone do the nasty with people we don’t know. So how can we practice safe sex with strangers during these weird times?

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the pleasures of having a fuckbuddy while not even coming within 6 feet of each other. Technology has allowed for remote sex to be used in times when you can’t be skin to skin. From flirting on the web to masturbation and video chats, sex is performable in separate spaces. But not everyone loves to follow the rules. There are going to be some fuckbuddy pairs who decide that they are willing to take a risk and actually have sex. While rebellion is usually hot, we have to say that it’s less so in this space. However, sometimes that hungry sex drive just takes over. If you are going to break the rules, there are ways to do so cautiously.

Let’s dive into the most reliable methods of socially-distant sex first.

Socially Distant Sex

Our modern world has provided us with a handful of methods to connect on very intimate levels. Read below to explore ways to have some naughty socially distant fun!

  • Fuck Sites: Hookup sites and fuck apps allow you to easily connect with people who are interested in naughty behavior. Unlike a porn site, it connects you with real people who you can interact with. They might even be local! There are tons of different types of these sites. From escort websites to video chatting sites and adult dating apps, you can safely use these from a distance to meet people who want to virtually fuck.
  • Sexting:  If you already have a fuckbuddy or have found one using a hookup site, you can move into the sexting phase. Sexting, if you don’t already know, is sexual texting. It can start in the form of dirty words and phrases and eventually lead to sharing nudes or videos with each other. If you decide to sext, it’s a good idea to have some sex toys nearby.
  • Random Chat: Sites like Omegle and Chatroulette were created so that people could randomly meet others. If you enjoy the element of surprise, random video chat sites can provide you with a bunch of fun from a distance.
  • Video Calls: A step up from sexting and sharing nudes is having a video call. You can Facetime your fuckbuddy and masturbate in front of each other using the live video as inspiration.
  • Stockpiling Fuckbuddies: Some people have been using quarantine to brush up on an old skill, take up new hobbies, or organize their lives. They do this so that when this is all over, they can carry something into the world. You can do this with fuckbuddies! Get onto those hookup sites and swipe your butt off! Stockpile potential fucks for the future by meeting a ton of hot hookup buddies online.
  • Remote Sex Toys: If you’ve got the money to invest in sex toys, then pick up some toys that allow for remote fun. These Bluetooth adult toys let you control your fuckbuddy’s sensations from afar, and they can do it to you too! It gives the illusion of being right there, in person with a fuckbuddy.
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Safety Tips For In-Person Rendezvous

  • Gloryholes: It’s been said that glory holes are one of the safest ways to have sex right now. Gloryholes are holes with a wall separating two people. You can play with one another through the wall. The best way to use one right now is penetrative sex. The wall will help eliminate the risk of exposure!
  • Keep The Mask On: Masks have been extremely valuable during these times because it’s important to cover your nose and mouth when you are around others. You can give up the kissing portion of hooking up and just explore each other’s bodies.
  • Mutual Masturbation: Mutual masturbation is something that you can do with a fuckbuddy in person, but socially distant. Sit or stand 6 feet apart and touch each other from a distance. Again, it would be a good idea to keep the mask on for further protection. Being in front of each other masturbating can be really hot, exciting, and satisfying.

You can use these tips to enjoy having a fuckbuddy during these strange times. We could all use a little stress relief right now, and fuckbuddies provide that for a lot of us. It’s nice to know that you can still have a fuckbuddy and get off, even if it looks a little bit different than it used to!