Best Places to Fuck in Public

Having sex in public can be an exhilarating way to spice up your sex life. The adrenaline rush along with the added nerves that come with doing something ‘naughty’ in a public place can send you into the thrawls of some intense pleasure. It makes sense to take these risks with a fuckbuddy; however, going to jail makes for a better Romcom than it does an actual real-life situation. For that reason, we’ve taken the time to curate a list of the perfect places to fuck in public that allow for just enough risk to summon all the nerves, but (hopefully) won’t land you in jail.  

Before we take you to these lovely public bone zones, we thought it would be responsible to share some tips with you beforehand. It’s important to be prepared for a quick getaway should the plan go sour! With that in mind, be sure to wear clothes that aren’t difficult to get on and off. For women, we suggest a skirt with no panties. For men, we suggest an elastic waistband and no belt. You should also bring a condom for safety and some lube because there won’t be time for foreplay. Ok, let’s do this.  

In a restaurant or bar bathroom

We’re going to suggest that you only take this chance in an establishment that has a 1-seater restroom. Going in together is going to cause enough of a stir and you’re going to want the door to lock. A restaurant or bar is also the perfect place to have sex because it allows you to get a little tipsy beforehand and eat something after you are exhausted from doing the dirty. 

Corner of a public library 

Fucking in a library is hilarious and fun due to the fact that libraries are strict, quiet places. This is absolutely the riskiest place we have on our fuck list because, in order to pull it off, you can’t make any mistakes. First, make sure the section you decide to bang in is secluded with zero material that would interest a child. Trust us, the sex is not going to be worth a spot on the sex-offender list. Second, don’t be loud or make a lot of movement. A library is a really easy place to be noticed. So, keep it quiet, safe, and possibly in the paleontology section (for our Friends fans out there). 

At night at a public pool

If you have a pool at home,  you are probably already aware that sex in a pool is awesome. If you are having sex with a fuckbuddy, we suggest doing everything but the deed (due to the increased possibility of pregnancy). A public pool after sunset is a place where you could get caught, but you have a bit more freedom than you would at a place with a ton of activity. 

In a parking lot (in your car)

We suggest picking a fairly vacant parking lot in the latter part of the day. This is because car sex can be pretty obvious to spot and can lend itself to an easy arrest. So, like all of our aforementioned suggestions, keep it discreet and quiet. Car sex is great because you are forced to be really close to your partner, and the tightly enclosed space lends itself to a lot of steam and sweat. Yum! 

A rooftop

This would likely be the rooftop of an apartment building considering it’s not always easy to gain access to commercial rooftops. This option definitely offers more privacy while still feeling sneaky and naughty. This is one of our favorite spots because the risk is the lowest, so you can be extra raunchy. If you have sex on the roof, we suggest having it from behind while looking out over the town! 

In a bedroom at a house party

This spot is one of the more common locations for people who enjoy fucking in public. This is because it’s easy to access, comfortable, and likely comes with a locked door. While this is an easy place to get down, you might want to consider who the room or house you decide to have sex in belongs to. If, worst-case scenario, you get caught, how upset would the homeowner be? How would it affect your friendship with them? We suggest either doing this in the home of someone who you don’t really care for (and therefore don’t care what their opinion of you is) or a good, understanding friend.