Music To Fuck To (With a Fuckbuddy)

We get it, you love having sex to music. And why wouldn’t you? Certain types of music have the power to get you in the mood to have sex. That’s obvious, but what you might not understand is why it gets you in the mood! According to an article by Elite Daily, music is is great to combine with sex because it affects the following three regions of the brain: the pleasure system, the social affiliation system, and the limbic system (which processes emotions). Music actually triggers all of these systems to work at the same time.

The pleasure system rewards the trigger with dopamine, which is also something that is released in high levels during sex. Beyond creating a euphoric feeling, that trigger can lend itself to feelings of both motivation and craving. The social affiliation system, on the other hand, sounds like it’s totally made up and not physical. But, it’s a very legit thing! When two people listen to music together, there is a release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is sometimes referred to the ‘cuddle hormone’ because it’s often released during sex and causes bonding between two people, like a magnetic field. And finally, the emotional system is affected in a way that’s super positive!

Sex and music cause very similar reactions in the body, making them simultaneously enhance each other when enjoyed at the same time! So, what kind of music do you like to have sex to?

Like anything else with a fuckbuddy, the music selection is actually important. As mentioned, the music will have an effect on the limbic system and trigger emotions. Those emotions are going to be different between fuckbuddies than they would be between any serious couple. More than that, sexy music is generally not country or Broadway hits. It tends to stick to rock, EDM, rap, or RnB. Sexy songs that make you want to grind on someone have been comically dubbed as ‘baby-making music.’

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The term might not be all that literal; however, we don’t want to take any baby-making chances when it comes to doing the deed with a fuckbuddy. So, rather than creating a baby-making playlist, we’ve decided to give you the ultimate fuckbuddy playlist. We’ve put together the perfect playlist for the two people who want to fuck for the sake of fucking. They tend to stick to the RnB/rap vibe.  These are songs that encourage, promote, and vibe with that steamy NSA fuck. 

  1. High For This by The Weeknd
  2. Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean & Earl Sweatshirt
  3. Motivation by Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne
  4. Bed by J. Holiday
  5. Taste by Tyga ft. Offset
  6. Some Kind Of Drug by G-Easy & Marc E. Bassy
  7. Supernova by Ansel Elgort
  8. 100 Ways by Zhavia Ward
  9. XX by Marc E. Bassy
  10. SWISH by Tyga
  11. He Don’t Want It by Tinashe
  12. Wicked Games by The Weeknd
  13. Sex with Me by Rihanna
  14. Pillowtalk by ZAYN
  15. First Fuck by 6LACK and Jhene Aiko
  16. Go Fuck Yourself by Two Feet
  17. 7/11 by Beyonce
  18. Grind with Me by Pretty Ricky
  19. Lotus Flower Bomb by Wale ft. Miguel