How to Make an Ex-Fuckbuddy Jealous

While having a fuckbuddy is well and good, the territory is a breeding ground for jealousy. The term ‘fuckbuddy’ implies that there is a physical and sexual relationship that doesn’t require any emotional investment. And, while that’s what a fuckbuddy relationship is on paper, it doesn’t always move in a direction in which no emotions are involved. Additionally, it leaves plenty of room for other partners, friendships, and drama to seep into the relationship. If you are reading this blog post about how to make your fuckbuddy jealous, chances are that you’ve become jealous yourself. We are not here to judge, we are simple here to help you. If you want to make your fuckbuddy as jealous as you feel, for whatever reason, here’s what you’ll need to do!

Ignore him/her

Ignoring someone is key in making him/her wonder what you are up to and begin to develop feelings of jealousy. It can be a real challenge to ignore someone if he/she reaches out, but you need to do this! You may fear that if you ignore him/her, he/she will never reach out again; however, that is rarely the case! In fact, it usually means the opposite. People, especially those in a fuckbuddy relationship, often take others for granted. It completely disrupts their psyche and makes them question the relationship when one party begins to ignore the other! So, next time your FWB reaches out via text, Snapchat, Instagram, or the old fashioned phone call, do not respond! Turn on your read receipts and make him/her wonder. If you see your fuckbuddy calling, press ignore! Trust us, it’ll drive him/her crazy.

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Stay off social media, at first

When trying to make someone jealous, your first thought may be to post all over social media about how much fun you are having without him/her. But, nothing prods growing jealousy like absolute mystery. Rather than posting a snap of you bouncing in the club or posting something about a new FWB, go dark for a week. After ignoring your fuckbuddy, he/she will turn directly to social media. Going dark will make him/her wonder about you for hours.

Then, be sly on social media

Once you’ve given him/her a chance to wonder what you are up to, begin to slowly slip posts and stories onto social media that you know will make him/her jealous. But, one thing to remember is to not be too obvious. Rather than posting a video of you bumping and grinding on a new boo, or forcing a friend of yours to pretend to be that boo in a post, come up with something really sly. Perhaps release an Instagram story of you having a ball with your friends, but there’s a mysterious someone who is not totally in the video, but is caressing you. For example, if you are a female you can go ahead and post a selfie of you on someone’s lap. Don’t reveal the face of the guy you are sitting on. In fact, make it seem like the lap isn’t supposed to be a part of the video or post at all! It will make your fuckbuddy play your story over and over and over again, trying to figure out who you are with. With just this little inch, your ex-fuckbuddy’s mind will run a mile.

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Eventually, stop ignoring

After you’ve ignored and filled his/her head with mystery, there’s a huge chance that he/she will continue to reach out. When the time is right, go ahead and respond! How does one respond after all this time? You must remember to be short, friendly, and mature in your responses. This attitude will send the message that you don’t need your ex-fuckbuddy anymore. When a person who once felt needed begins to feel worthless in the eyes of his/her fuckbuddy, an urge to be worthy begins to develop. If you eventually respond to your ex-fuckbuddy with kindness, he/she will undoubtedly feel that twinge of jealousy that you’ve been after!

If you’ve followed all of our tips and have successfully made your ex-fuckbuddy jealous, you now have all the cards in your hand. It’s completely up to you whether or not you should see your ex-fuckbuddy again. Jealousy aside, our true advice would be to cut him/her off. However, we know how unlikely that is if you wanted to make him/her jealous in the first place. But, it’s clearly not the healthiest fuckbuddy relationship. If you want to know how to make the most of a FWB, check out our Fuckbuddy Guide!