Sexy Erogenous Spots To Explore on a Woman (Part 2)

Hey there BuddyBang readers! In this article, we will help you find new and exciting ways to please your female fuckbuddy. Trust us, there’s so much to learn! But, if you’re just joining us now, you are going to want to read Part 1 to this article, titled New Erogenous Zones To Discover With Your Female Fuck Buddy. That list was unique and extensive, but there’s more to the body than the things that we have listed! Actually, there’s so more. And, while there were some unique items on that list, we came up with a few more that you should definitely be aware of! We’ve listed those sexy fuckbuddy spots below and fun ways to play in those areas!

Let’s start with the obvious ways to please a woman

If you don’t know about these sexy spots on a woman, then we are honestly a little bit worried for you. Here are the sexiest and most tingly places on your female fuckbuddy that you can touch to drive her wild!


This is one of the most sensitive and pleasurable spots on a woman’s body. For some women, it’s much easier to achieve and orgasm when the clitoris is stimulated. Some can even only cum during clit stimulation. Sometimes, penetration just doesn’t do the trick, even if you’ve got a really large sized peen. There are nearly 10 thousand nerve endings in this teensy tiny area, so be careful when playing with it! It’s very sensitive but completely pleasurable and orgasmic. You don’t want to dive right into touching it either, make sure to lightly tease the area and use lubricant when going to have some fun with your fuckbuddy’s clit. Here are some great ways to play with it…

  • Use a vibrator on the clitoris as a form of foreplay or in combination with penetration to truly blow the mind of your lady friend.
  • Stroke the clitoris with your fingers before entering a woman
  • Tell the woman to rub her own clitoris while you are having sex with her. you can call reach around her if you are penetrating from behind and manually stimulate it yourself.
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Did you know that both men and women can totally get off by JUST touching the nipple? How crazy is that? We bet you never knew how powerful those little nipples actually were. On a woman, they are very powerful tools in terms of stimulation. Your fuckbuddy’s nipples are great to explore either before, during, or even after sex. With stimulation, they can become erect and perfect to mess around with.

  • Flick her nipple
  • Kiss and lick her nipple while you are moving from her mouth to her pubic region
  • Blow on her nipple or experiment with ice to make it harder


The G-spot is not a mythological creature, it really exists. And, if you’re thinking, “Yeah, I know. I hang out there all the time,” we’ve got news for you. You are probably wrong. It requires a bit of effort finding it, it’s not something that’s just reached all the time while engaging in penetrative sex. In fact, it might even be easier to reach by using your fingers.

  • Use your fingers to find it by turning your first two fingers into the shape of a hook
  • If you’ve got a big one, penetrate her deeply

And now, the less obvious…

Now that you’ve got the big bases covered, we are going to show you more unique spots to touch while hooking up with your fuckbuddy. These spots are sure to get your gal going and take the fuckbuddy hookup to the next level. They are less powerful than the spots listed above, but still very mighty. Touching them during a hookup is sure to excite and impress your female fuckbuddy partner.

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The neck is a very sexual and sensual place to touch, hold, and kiss a woman. Not only is it very sensitive to temperature, but it also is where a lot of people carry their stress.  A nice neck massage will go a long way for your female fuckbuddy. As will a kiss on the neck! It’s a special place to touch a woman and will almost certainly turn her on and make her want to get nasty with you. If you are thinking about adding some neck fun to your fuckbuddy hookup, try approaching it in these ways:

  • Kiss her neck
  • If your ladyfriend is into BDSM, you can choke her during your sexual encounter
  • Bite her neck, but make sure to do it lightly! You aren’t a vampire.


If you’re someone with a foot fetish, then it might come as welcome news to know that licking your fuckbuddy’s toes actually gives her pleasure too! Toes are rarely paid enough attention to during sex, but they can be some serious pleasure points. Believe it or not, but your feet are sensitive! This is especially true for toes.

  • Suck on each toe
  • Smooth foot massage
  • Honestly, unless you’re really freaky… that’s pretty much it


People carry a lot of tension in their hands and there are some great pressure points located in the hands. Hands are a great tool in which to give pleasure, but they are also capable of receiving it! Give your lady a nice handjob, and by handjob… we mean massage her hand! Lightly tickling her palm is also a great way to give her some tingles. Hands are also nice to put pressure on during the actual act of sex.

  • There’s so much, get creative!
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