Sexting Games For You To Play With Your Fuckbuddy

As we all are under quarantine, it can be pretty hard to get our rocks off. Meeting up with a new or old fuckbuddy is pretty much just not allowed, so we’ve got to do it ourselves. But, there’s still room to add others into our at-home sexcapades. Sexting is an awesome way to reconnect with that fuckbuddy you’ve let fall to the wayside, or start-up something fun with someone new. The trouble with sexting is that it’s often a shorter conversation and it rarely allows for enough tension to build for you to actually get anything out of it. That’s where sexting games come in. Sexting games can be a way to spice up your probably dull quarantined sex life right now. Not only is it fun, but it’s hot, a way to hang with a fuckbuddy from afar, and a totally danger-free way to enjoy sex in the digital age! If you can’t think of sexting games to play with your fuckbuddy, don’t worry. Buddybang has your back. Check out some of our favorite get-to-know-you sexy sexting games for you to play with a fuckbuddy right now!

Sexy Would You Rather

For this game, you ask “would you rather” questions, but make them sexy. The classic game (not the sex version) puts two things together and poses a tough question to the person playing. Sometimes they are good things and sometimes they are bad things. For example, normally you’d ask, “would you rather have spend a week in Paris but you can only eat carrots, or spend a day in Tokyo and you feast?” For this version, the questions are sex-related. It’s a great way to find out what your fuckbuddy is into! And, it’s fun. Here are some examples of questions:

  • Would you rather receive oral sex for an hour or find $50 on the ground?
  • Would you rather have whipped cream licked off of your neck or your bum?
  • Would you rather have rough sex or soft, romantic sex?
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Sub/Dom Roleplaying

This is not so much a game as it is a creative way to spend the day via text. You can decide on a day to play out your BDSM fantasy as either a sub or a dom. Decide the roles for yourselves and spend the whole day sexting like you are either the Daddy-boss or the slave sub. This can get really fun if you start introducing hypotheticals such as, “What would you do if Daddy told you to lather your body up with oil and send me a pic?”

Bodypart Picture Game

Remember those games you used to play where you’d see an image of something really zoomed in close and you had to guess what it was? Play this, but instead, use close up images of the body! Is that a sexy area or is it their elbow? This is a game in which you’ll receive nudes, but you’ll also probably receive a bunch of laughs on your end and on your fuckbuddy’s end.

Sex story Competition

If you and your fuckbuddy are the creative types, you can send each other a sexy story. The trick is to make sure your story is something that would turn your FWB on. Try to think about the sexy times you’ve had in the past and what your fuckbuddy was really into. Then, both of you write your own sex story and send it to each other. Whoever has the sexiest story, wins!

Sex Emojis

Who knew that emojis would turn an eggplant into a sex object in this day in age? There are so many emojis out there that are suggestive, and even more that become suggestive when paired with other emojis. You can sext your partner in full emojis and have your fuckbuddy sext you back the same way! You’ll get all hot guessing what your partner is trying to say, but you’ll also have a great time guessing. More than that, it’s fun to creatively come up with sexy messages using only emojis. It gets your juices flowing in more ways than one!

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This game is quick and simple, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. This is a game in which one person throws out a word. It can be any word, but start with a 1-syllable word if you’ve never played this game before. Let’s say you throw out the word ‘spits,’ your sexting partner then has to come up with a dirty word that rhymes or near-rhymes that word. It could be ‘tits’ or even ‘kiss.’ Anything with a sexual context works. Whoever can’t come up with a word loses! Maybe in your game, that person has to send over a nude!

Strip Poker – Nudes edition

Ok, so it probably won’t exactly be poker, but you can substitute poker for pretty much any question or quizzing game. You’ll be able to find a bunch of games that work in your App store or over the internet. Essentially, when a player gets a question wrong, they have to strip. Maybe it starts with removing a sock. The game is fun because not only does that person have to strip, but they have to text you a picture of the stripped body part. Once you get deep into the game, you get more naked and more naked. But, you also start receiving some awesome sexy pics for your sexting archives!

Don’t have anyone to play these fun games with? An escort will sext you. As they are probably out of work right now and looking for something to do, it couldn’t hurt to hit one up. Who knows, you might have a great time.

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