New Erogenous Zones To Discover With Your Female Fuck Buddy

When exploring the body of your fuck buddy, or when your FWB is exploring your body, you might not be aware of the fact that there’s more than the naughty parts to play with. Our bodies are full of nerve endings and spaces in which touch feels good, heightened, and sexual. These places on the body are known as erogenous zones, and there are several on the bodies of women that people aren’t even aware of. This article is going to take you through those spaces so that you can play with them next time you’re hanging out with your fuckbuddy gal. By gaining knowledge of these awesome parts of the body, you will be able to enhance your sex life and the sex life of your down-and-dirty partner!

You can mix and match playing with these body parts, and you can experiment with pressure, speed, and touch as you explore each other’s bodies further. Try touching two spots at once, or getting to know one spot really well! Either way, you’ll impress your lady-friend fuckbuddy with your new skills and liven up your sex life to levels you never even knew existed! At Buddybang, we know that there are all sorts of body types and an array of genders. I mean, come on. It’s 2020. But, for the sake of the article, we are going to focus on the female body because they allow for the easiest and most thorough explanation of her erogenous zones.

The Female Body

Historically, the female body has always been worshipped for all of its curves, nooks, and dreamy crannies. There’s so much to explore on a woman’s body, and there are additionally so many points of pleasure. If your fuckbuddy is a lady, getting intimate with these parts of her while engaging in a fuckbuddy session is going to completely drive her wild and impress the pants off of her… which is exactly what you want, right?

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Inner Arms

Remember when arm tickles were the best things ever? Well, newsflash: They still are. The inner arm is pretty sensitive and sweet. It’s great for some sexy play before, during, and even after sex. Arm tickles are a great way to engage in some sexy pillow talk. Speaking of pillows, you can use some household items to excite this area. Got any feathers lying around? Here are ways to use those sensitive inner arms to your advantage:

  • Move your fingernails along the inner arm to awaken her sexual energy
  • Trace the area with your fingers as you are spooning her post-sex
  • Kiss the area. When the cool air hits the moisture, it’ll turn her on


Ew, right? Wrong! Armpits are hot because they are super-duper sensitive. If your gal is ticklish, it might be even better. Nothing breaks the ice like a good tickle session, and watching your fuck buddy gal get loose and out of control is also pretty fun. But, if she isn’t ticklish, the nerve endings still make the spot a freaky place to explore. Here’s how!

  • Tickling as a form of foreplay
  • Use your fingertips to give her chills by lightly grazing the area


Her ears are extremely sensitive, and can also pick up sounds that will turn her on (in case you didn’t know that sounds could be sexy too!). For some women, the ears are their favorite spots to be touched, but many women never express this to their fuckbuddies! If you want to impress her, play with the ears. There are tons of ways to play with the ears, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Stick your tongue in her ear. The warmth, wetness, and sounds will drive her wild.
  • Kiss her earlobes to send shivers down her spine.
  • Gently caress her earlobes as the light sensations will make her want you.
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The back, especially the lower back or small of the back, is extremely sensitive. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the smallest touch down there can affect your entire body? That’s what makes her back so fun to play with. The back is a large area, so there are lots of things that you can do with it while having some sexy time with your FWB.

  • Give her a back massage with kinky oils
  • Tickle the small of her back while enjoying a makeout session
  • Dig your nails into her back while you have missionary sex
  • Press your thumbs into her back dimples while experimenting with anal play


Her scalp is full of nerves, which is probably why she loves having her hair pulled as you have sex with her, right? You can play with her hair, massage her scalp, or graze your fingertips from her scalp to another zone… her neck. Here are some fun ways to experiment with this sexy area:

  • Pull her hair during anal sex or doggy-style sex
  • Run your fingers through her hair with a tug during foreplay
  • Give her a head massage to initiate sex


The navel is located very close to her sweet spot, which is what makes it so tantalizing. Tracing your fingers around her navel is a great move and sure to get her in the mood to have some kinky sex with you. Here are some awesome ways to use that navel play to your advantage during a fuckbuddy session!

  • Trace your fingers around the navel during foreplay
  • Reach around and grab the area around her navel while having sex from behind
  • Experiment with ice cubes in the navel region as it’s sensitive to temperature
  • Use the navel as a gateway to the rest of the body
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Did any of these spots surprise you?

C’mon, admit it. We’re guessing that some of these spots were surprising to you. But, guess what? These aren’t even half of the freaky spots that you should be exploring with your friends-with-benefits or BuddyBang belle. Stay tuned for our next article revealing the rest of the kinky spots that you’ve never even thought about! And, if you tried it out, let us know… did the spots drive her wild? We bet they did!