Fun Hookup Games To Play With Your Fuckbuddy

When you use a hookup app or site to find the lady (or ladies) of your wildest fantasies, the act of finding her (or them) can feel like a game in itself. There’s the messages exchanged back and forth, the innuendo, the occasional nude that you send. It’s really all fun and games! That is, until it becomes a little mundane. Some people like to keep their fuckbuddies around for the long haul, hanging out with them for years and having a grand old time, but that’s also when things start to get a little drab. There are also the fuckbuddies who are newer to the hookup sites, but need something silly to break the ice because that’s just who they are! Whichever applies to you, we’ve got some awesome sex games for you to play with your fuckbuddy friend. They range from kinky games to tasty games to silly games! All are guaranteed to change things up, add some spice, and break that ice with the gal you’ve found on a hookup website. So, what are you waiting for?! Let the games begin Sheesh, that sounded a little like The Hunger Games, but we promise, you won’t be fighting for your life… you’ll be fighting for your sex life!

Strip Truth Or Dare: Sexy Version

If you’ve ever had a childhood, you know what truth-or-dare is. And, if you don’t know what it is, have you been living under a rock?! Ok, for those of you with the rock zip codes, truth or dare is when you literally pose the question to someone, “Truth or dare?” And, they pick between the two. A ‘truth’ would mean that you can ask them anything and they must tell you the truth. A dare means that you can dare them to do anything, and they have to do it. Usually, there’s no consequence for skipping out on either of them, except losing the game altogether; however, in adult Truth or Dare, skipping means stripping. And, all the questions and dares need to be sexual in the first place. Here’s the catch, you can’t have penetration sex until you’re both naked… if you can hold out that long! Most fuckbuddy pairs lose the game before they’re both naked because they get so horny that they can’t even wait to fuck each other. So, can you with Truth or Dare with your partner? Here are some sexy examples of truths and dares.

  • Truth: Do you have any kinky fetishes?
  • Dare: I dare you to show me how you masturbate.
  • Truth: Have you ever had sex in public?
  • Dare: I dare you to close your eyes and open your mouth…
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We know, you’re dying to play.

Sexy Pictionary

So, if you fancy yourself a creative person, you can play sexy Pictionary with your partner. You do need a couple things – a pen and a couple pieces of paper. Do you think you can handle that? Of course, the game is a little bit easier with a dry erase board, but we don’t want you going out of your way. To play sexy Pictionary, you and your partner must draw out your sexual fantasies onto the piece of paper. And, if your fuckbuddy guesses correctly, he/she can decide if the two of you actually go through with the sexual fantasy! This can be great fun when there’s a slow build-up to the most rambunctious fantasies. For example, you don’t have to draw penetration in your first fantasy drawing. You can draw the little things that turn you on, like kissing the neck, heavy petting, dressing up, anal play, and so on. This game is great for fuckbuddy pairs who think they’ve explored all the sexual options with each other. It’s a great way to reveal some more sexy activities for you to do!

Full-Course Meal 

This is a fantastic game for fuckbuddies who enjoy fucking each other AND eating each other… oops, we mean eating together. If one of you is a fantastic chef, even better. However, you don’t need to be a great cook to play this game. You can do it with a hefty takeout order, but just know that you’ll need multiple courses of food to enjoy this game. Here’s how it works: First, you get all of your food prepared and put plates of it (for two) in different rooms around the house. Each ‘course’ is a designated sex act. So, for example, if the first course is a salad of some sort, maybe it correlates to a makeout session and maybe the sex positions get more interesting from there. Perhaps the next course brings upon some heavy petting. And finally, once you get to dessert, you enjoy that treat while you do the deed. This is a fun way to find out if aphrodisiacs actually work by making sure each course involves one! An aphrodisiac is meant to boost our libido. If you need some inspiration, here are some of our favorite aphrodisiac foods.

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  • Pumpkin
  • Celery
  • Garlic
  • Champagne
  • Applies
  • Spicy Chile
  • Oysters
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Chocolate

Dirty Blindman’s Bluff

This is an old-school version of tag in which the person who is ‘it’ is blindfolded. Basically, all you need is a scarf or bandana and a timer. If you want to amp up the game a bit, you can also include some sensual objects such as a tickling feather or a whip. Essentially, one person is blindfolded. While blindfolded, the non-blind person tries to make the other person cum as quickly as possible. This means that the non-blind must be good with his/her ability to pleasure without any visuals. Once the first fuckbuddy cums, it’s the next fuckbuddy’s turn. Whoever makes the other cum the quickest wins this game! But really, if everyone cums… doesn’t everyone win? Do this all night until the both of you are totally worn out and have cum multiple times. Trust us, you won’t regret it.