How To Turn Your Ex Into Your Fuckbuddy

Some people prefer to have friends-with-benefits over fuckbuddies. What’s the difference? The FWB is someone who you actually know, were or are close with, and might be someone you’d hang out with even if you weren’t banging. A fuckbuddy is strictly someone you sleep with and nothing more. Finding an FWB is hard. Those with the FWB over fuckbuddy preference will sometimes find themselves in awkward or uncomfortable situations because they keep trying to bang their friends. You can’t go around boinking everyone you know. That’s how you end up with zero friends, benefits or otherwise. A nice middle ground fuck friend is your ex.

I know what you are thinking… Fuck my ex, are you crazy? That’s up for debate, but hear me out. You know your ex very well, you know what its like to fuck your ex, and if you are on good terms with the ex then you don’t have all that much to lose by trying to make it happen. Clearly for fucking your ex to work, you need to be somewhat corgial. You don’t have to be besties right now, but you can’t hate each other. Imagine going through a terrible breakup and you text your ex, “Wanna bang?” Not the best idea. But if the breakup was a long time ago or if things between you and your ex are chill, making that ex a fuckbuddy is sort of genius. How should you do it? There are some options at your disposal.

These are the best ways to turn your ex into a fuckbuddy…

Send a hot text

Sending a sexy text is the easiest way to gauge whether or not your ex is going to be down to get down. You can send anything from the eggplant emoji to “You were in my wet dream last night.” Just make sure that it’s extremely sexual. Don’t send anything that could be confused with an emotional text. That’s not the road you want to go down with an ex. An example of a sexy text that could be mistaken for an emotional one is, “I can’t stop thinking about you.” You might mean in a sexual way, like “I can’t stop thinking about you giving me a blow job.” But it might read as something like, “I miss you.” Remember that the whole purpose is to fuck your get, not mindfuck them. Their response will help you understand whether or not your ex is interested in casual sex or not. If the response is hot, you’re in.

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Invite them over for a Netflix and chill

Everyone knows what ‘Netflix and chill‘ means these days. It always implies fucking. Asking your ex over for a movie and some sex is a casual way to get back together after being apart for some time. This is due to the fact that Netflix and chill can’t be mistaken for an actual date. You could see how inviting your ex over for a dinner has the potential to get messy and weird. Watching a movie involves cuddling, touching, making out, and banging. It’s a way to get together without getting back together.

Take a naughty pic

Usually, we don’t encourage unsolicited sex pics over here but you have already slept together, you know each other really well, and it won’t be totally jarring for your ex to receive a hot pic from you. Maybe keep it to a rated R level instead of a rated X level so that he/she isn’t totally flustered when they get that hot photo. Keep in mind that the point of sending a hot pic is to get your ex horny enough to want to come over and boink ya. Keep it sexy, not totally shocking, and make it hot. We suggest sending this pic in the evening hours as well. It might be a little weird to receive an unsolicited sexy photo while at work or something, so send it after around 5PM to be on the safe side.

Getting someone you used to have a real relationship with into a fuckbuddy friendship is not something that is done easily or even something that always works You have to think about the personalities of both yourself and your ex. Would they make a good fuck buddy int he first place? Does the nature of the breakup even allow for a sexual reunion of sorts? Use your better judgment and one of these tips to finesse this friends-with-benefits affair with the ex. As always, we wish you luck and happy humping!

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