How To Break It Off With A Fuckbuddy

Fuckbuddies, by design, aren’t built to last. Nobody gets a fuckbuddy and thinks it’s going to last years and years. Most fuckbuddy happenstances don’t last beyond the first night. It’s the nature of the game baby! Every so often, that special fuckbuddy breaks through the pack and manages to stick around for longer than initially expected. Maybe the sex is really great, or that fuckbuddy is also a good friend (when this happens, we usually refer to that person as a friends-with-benefits instead of a fuckbuddy). But there comes a time, eventually, when even that longer fuckbuddy relationship will come to a close.

If you’ve developed somewhat of a friendship with your fuck friend, this can be quite emotional. Yes, you don’t owe your fuckbuddy any emotional obligation. That’s the beauty of having a fuckbuddy, but you’re human after all. Nobody blames you for wanting this to go smoothly. You have some options when it comes to breaking it off with your fuckbuddy. Allow us to guide you to sexual freedom. Here are some of the ways you can end your fuckbuddy relationship without it feeling completely awful.

But first, we do want you to ask yourself if throwing out your fuckbuddy relationship during a pandemic is really the way to go. When you break it off, assume that the fuckbuddy friendship is going to be completely done. Being rejected is like the farthest thing from sexy, and most folks want to completely disappear once they have been rejected and ‘broken up with’ by a fuckbuddy. In other words, don’t end it if you see yourself maybe wanting to fuck again in the future. Ok, now that we’ve warned you to not let go of your fuckbuddy, allow us to show you how to do it properly.

Do it with a text

This is undoubtedly the 2nd most impersonal and cold way to break it off with a fuckbuddy, next to completely ghosting. But again, you are allowed to be this impersonal because you aren’t dating this person. When crafting the text, you can be delicate. For example, instead of texting, “yo, it’s over,” you can give your fuckbuddy ex a little bit of closure and tell them that you had a great time but it needs to come to a close.

Do it with a phone call

This is the optimal way to break it off with your fuckbuddy. A phone call is personal enough without allowing the break up to feel like the end of a real dating relationship. If you were dating, using a phone call to break up would make you an asshole. For fuckbuddy relationships, it makes you a perfect gentleman or gentlewoman. If you and your fuckbuddy never talk on the phone, send them a warning text that asks if they are around for a quick phone call. Then, rationally explain that you want to end the fuckbuddy friendship but that you appreciate the time spent together.

Invite them over, but not to fuck

If you guys are really tight and have a great friendship, perhaps in person is the best way for you to end it. That way, you can at least still be friends when all is said and done. Bring them over to your place and lay it all out for them. But if you go about breaking it off this way, you have to make sure that you don’t have sex! That just makes things confusing. It’ll be hard to not seal the break up with a kiss and a romp, but don’t even go there. This is especially important if you suspect that your fuckbuddy has feelings for you. A fuckbuddy with feelings won’t take sex as a sign that things are truly over.

What not to do

We’ve given you three very easy ways to end things with a fuckbuddy, but some of you will still miss the mark. For that reason, we feel it’s necessary to go over things you should not do if you really want to end it with a fuckbuddy and remain on good terms.

  • Don’t ghost: If you don’t give two hoots about the friendship, you can ghost. Otherwise, send a text. Ghosting is tacky.
  • Don’t fuck: You want this to be over, don’t you? Fucking will only make things messy and confusing. There’s no such thing as a terminal fuck. It means you don’t actually want to break things off. So, don’t invite your fuckbuddy over for a bang and then tell them it’s over. Along with the confusion, it comes off as really insulting and might make your fuckbuddy pretty upset with you… Not a good idea if you want to end on good terms.
  • Don’t go on a date: You might think the nicest way to go about this would be a dinner or something, but taking your fuckbuddy on a date to end things is never a good idea. It feels romantic and gives more weight to the relationship than there ever was.