How To Keep It Casual With A Fuckbuddy

Fuckbuddies are a very special friends-with-benefits pair in that… they usually aren’t great friends. The relationship is all about casual sex, and that’s it. At Buddybang, we know what that’s like. Heck, that’s pretty much why Buddybang exists! We want to help you get laid without all that baggage that comes from relationships. The number one rule in fuckbuddy etiquette?

Don’t catch feelings. Also, don’t lead anyone on! If you are someone who finds themselves in situations where feelings get mixed up in your FWB relationship, you are going to want to go out of your way to keep things casual. We’ve come up with some things you can do to make sure that feelings and drama stay out of the bedroom, and that hot sex stays in! If you want to make sure that you are fucking your fuck buddy, and not fucking it up with your fuck buddy, make sure to follow these tips. It’ll ensure that you don’t get yourself into any sticky situations (the bad kind).

Don’t go on dates

Dates are a big no-no if you want to keep it casual. There are so many politics that go into dating. Who pays for the check, do you split it if you’re just FWB, and how do you make sure a date isn’t romantic? By all accounts, we simply advise against dating if you can help it. Try to skip meals with your fuckbuddy. But, if you must eat, order something in pre or post bang, and don’t make it too pricey. That way, nothing gets confusing for anyone!

Don’t pillow-talk

Cuddling can be very emotionally intimate and stir up some confusing feelings, so we at Buddybang advise against the post-coital cuddle. There’s even a cuddle hormone that people emit post-sex that causes some to develop feelings for one another… ew. We know you want sex and nothing but. For that reason, once the sex has happened, it’s best to part ways ASAP.

Don’t bring friends into it

Well, friends are cool if you’re talking about a threesome. But, in general, don’t introduce your fuckbuddy to your friends. That’s when your real-life begins to blur with your sex life, and the lines get really blurry. Not to mention, your friends might even bond with your fuckbuddy, pushing it further into dangerous territory. Try to keep your friends out of your fuckbuddy life!

Keep it an at-night thing

Daytime hangouts are usually reserved for relationships. This is not to say that some midday sex is off the table, because it’s totally not! It’s actually awesome to have a fuckbuddy who is willing to come over and bang you in the middle of the day! You just have to exercise caution because before you know it, daytime sex turns into daytime hangs and then you’re smack dab in the middle of a relationship.

Avoid sleepovers

Make sure your fuckbuddy doesn’t sleep over, because then that bang is part of your daily routine. It’s just a little too close for comfort and can make things really confusing. We mentioned this above with the cuddling, but get the person out of the house as soon as the romp is over if you are afraid of allowing any feelings to be involved.

Try Escorts

One surefire way to make sure that you have sex with someone and there are not feelings attached is to have sex with an escort! They are some of the best fuckbuddies around. They know the drill. They are in, you bang, then they are out. You will, of course, have to consider if you’d be willing to spend money on an escort.

Wear condoms

Condoms protect from a lot of things, like babies and STIs. Think about it like this… a baby or an STI is a serious thing to even have a conversation about. Do you really want to have an experience with one of those very serious things with someone you just want to be having sex with? No way. The best way to prevent ever having to deal with that is to always use protection. It’s also a good idea if you’ve got many people that you are having sex with.