Remote Fun With A Fuck Buddy

In these uncertain times, fuckbuddies are challenging to come by in person. In the interest of your safety, Buddybang knows this. Meeting in person might not be an option right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an amazing time remotely with a Buddybang buddy! There are so many way to enjoy the remote company of a fuckbuddy.

These activities are designed to make you feel like your FWB is right there in the room with you… getting off. These activities make it seem like you and your buddy aren’t even remote, that you are getting off with each other right there in the room. Plus, you can use these remote sex methods with any of your future fuckbuddies even when we start all hanging out in person again! They’re fun if your FWB doesn’t feel like coming over. If you need some creative ways to enjoy some casual sex fun, check out our list! You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t have a fuckbuddy? No problem! One industry suffering right now more than almost any other is sex work. People who do this kind of thing, even if they aren’t having sex and are just sexy companions to head to dinner with, aren’t getting paid right now. If you want to do your part for the world and keep it sexy, you can even make an offer for remote fun to an escort! They’d love to do any of the items on this list, and they’d probably be the hottest people to do it with! If escorts aren’t your thing,  you can always find a fuckbuddy on Buddybang or hit up an old flame. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on any of our ideas on how to have remote sexy fun!

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This is one of the most classic ways to enjoy a fuckbuddy from afar. It’s the age-old sext! Sexting is pretty much as common as texting is for this generation, and it’s a great way to enjoy some remote sexy time. You might just want to make sure you’re good at texting with one hand, because who knows what you’ll need the other hand for… if you know what we mean. This is a great way to imagine having sex with your fuckbuddy and to imagine what they’d do to you as they sext you back! You can even incorporate some nudes into your sexting convo. Pause to take sexy pics, or use some pics you’ve already got in your library. Taking sexy pics, by the way, is also a fun way to pass the time while you’re alone. It’s proactive if you’ve got someone to send them to… right?

Play Games

There are lots of sex games that you can play with your partner from afar. There are even apps right there are on your phone. But, if you don’t know any you can always start with easy ones like would you rather or sexy truth or dare. But, there are way more fun ones you can play too! Don’t be lazy, it literally requires a quick internet search and you’ll be loaded with ideas on how to shoot your load… see what we did there?

Play with remote toys

Did you know that there are sex toys that you can control from afar with your app? If you and your fuckbuddy are in it for the long haul, investing in a pair of these toys might be totally worth it. You guys can have orgasm competitions before (see who can make the other one come more quickly by being more skilled at using the app to pleasure one another form afar), or simply revel in the fact that you can touch your partner and make them orgasm while you are literally in another house, or even state! If you have no idea what we are talking about, look up some Bluetooth sex toys and enjoy the new world we’ve just introduced you to!

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Share porn clips

If you’re friendly with your fuckbuddy, this could be a fun thing to do. Exchanging porn clips that you like is not only fun, but it gives an indication to your fuckbuddy of the types of things you are into if you’ve never been totally upfront before. Do you like pegging? BDSM? Massage porn? Whatever you are into, you can send a clip to your fuckbuddies way. Take note of what they send back to you, as it’ll make you a better fuckbuddy too! It’s nice to be nice. And, when this is all over and you can finally get in between the sheets together, you’ll have some new ideas to play with!

Masturbate and let them know

This is an easy one that requires little to no effort. But, what it does is inspire a sexy talk with your fuckbuddy and perhaps some masturbatory material for them to give you and for you to give them in the future. All you need to do is go masturbate. Seriously, that’s it. Do it with a vibrator, with your hand, in your bed, or in the shower. Literally, do whatever you normally do. Then, text your fuckbuddy about it. Send them a surprise text letting them know all the naughty things you thought about and did while they were away. Bonus points if you thought about your FWB while getting off! It will be very flattering for them to hear and probably lend to you making an entrance in their own fantasies (if you haven’t already)

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Mail each other undies

Who said you can’t keep it old-fashioned with a fuckbuddy? Mailing some of your dirty laundry to a partner is like sending them the present they didn’t even know they needed. It’s something they’ll be able to play with for a long time, and have the scent of you right there in the room with them while they are having some solo playtime. Plus, if you send yours, there’s a good chance they’ll send theirs too. This can be really awesome for the fuckbuddy pair who has a nice panty fetish.