How To Find A Fuckbuddy Before Cuffing Season

Fuckbuddies are like anything else that’s enjoyable and distracting. They are right up there along with alcohol and TV. They essentially are a way to de-stress and have a merry old time. Who doesn’t love a good fuck? With cuffing season around the corner, the race for a fuckbuddy is on. Cuffing Season, for those who don’t know, is the time of year when everyone tries to find a fuckbuddy before the weather gets too cold to go outside. Everyone wants someone to fuck and cuddle with when the weather gets bad right? This is especially true for right now, during the quarantine.

It’s better to have a few fuckbuddies on standby who you trust instead of venturing out into the cold abyss, when nobody is on the street anyways, to find someone to bang. The question, of course, becomes how one goes about finding a fuckbuddy on short notice. Is there a way to find someone to fuck right now? Of course, there is, with the beauty of the internet. But fuck sites aren’t the only way to find a consistent fuckbuddy for cuffing season. Check out some interesting ways we’ve come up with to meet an FWB before it starts to really get chilly outside.

Join a fuck site

Joining a fuck site is the quickest and easiest way to find a fuckbuddy before cuffing season. It’s great because it puts a ton of locals who want to bang right there in one place for you to sift through. You can dive into tons of options knowing that these girls are definitely DTF because they too are on the sites looking for a fuckbuddy. Just make sure your profile is friendly and not creepy. All too often on fuck sites, guys will try too hard. They might post a gym selfie or something and that’s not as fuckable as you may think it is.

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Prowl escort sites

Enjoy paying to fuck? Then you’ll love visiting escort sites. Sure, you might need deep pockets to enjoy this option but most escort sites advertise really sexy women. You will most certainly be getting the best bang for your (big) bucks with this option. And it’s easier than you might think to turn an escort into a consistent fuckbuddy. Again, you’ll probably be spending a ton of money but you’ll be having the best time. Besides, during Cuffing Season and a pandemic, what else are you spending your cash on?

Try the old fashioned way

Stores and restaurants are closed or at least limited right now, and most bars aren’t even open. So going about finding a fuckbuddy in person, known as the old fashioned way, is going to be harder than usual. But can it be done? Hell yes. Make a reservation at a restaurant with a wingman and use that spot as your hunting ground. Keep an eye out at the grocery store for those beauties behind the mask. Go do your work-from-home at a cafe instead and keep your eyes peeled for hot single women. With enough charm, you are sure to find someone who can become your Cuffing Season fuckbuddy.

Call a friend

Is there an old friend out there who you used to fuck? There’s nothing wrong with hitting that person back up again and asking if they want to rekindle your FWB friendship. If you know that they are single, you have nothing to lose. Chances are that they are also looking to find a fuckbuddy for Cuffing Season, and your call or text might just answer their prayers. Plus, you already know that they are good (or at least OK) in bed, so there’s no real mystery there.

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Use an app

You could use a regular hookup app to find someone new to bang. The only disadvantage to those popular hookup apps is that some chicks on them are looking for a more serious thing than a fuckbuddy relationship or a Cuffing Season fling. You have to figure out how to navigate not being a total creep on the app but also making it clear that you are DTF and not down-for-a-relationship. It’s a hard balance to strike, but tons of guys make it work in their favor. Just be wary of the overly emotional chicks or the ones who send a ton of emojis. Those ladies are looking for wedding rings, not cock rings.