BuddyBang’s Favorite Sex Positions

At BuddyBang, we know that you like to get it on with a fuckbuddy. Who doesn’t? Having a fuckbuddy is honestly the best and we want you to bang your buddy like there’s no tomorrow. But, if it’s gotten stale in the bedroom, maybe you need to switch it up. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite sex positions. Maybe you’ve tried them all, but maybe you’ll be inspired! So take a peek at our list and get to humping!


Everyone loves a classic. Missionary is great because it (sometimes) requires some eye contact, which makes for some pretty passionate fucking. Turning the bang into lovemaking is not everyone’s style, but it can be fun for some, and it will always top our list of fave positions because it rarely goes wrong.


Another crowd-pleaser, doggy-style is an awesome way to bang. It’s almost the opposite in missionary in that there’s no real spiritual passion but rather the perfect angle for some hardcore sex. If you like it a little rough, doggy-style is the way to go.

Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is like a more intimate doggy-style. It can feel acrobatic to maneuver into at first, but once you get going the reverse cowgirl is a hell of a ride. For the bottom, it’s a nice way to get pretty intimate with the anal region.


There are several positions in which anal can be applied, but we left it as-is because we just love anal in general. It’s the perfect way to fuck a fuckbuddy because it’s new, exciting, and slightly taboo – like having a buddy to bang in the first place.


It’s no secret that we’re a big fan of pegging here at Buddybang. We bring it up all the time in our articles and that’s because it’s really fun! It’s especially fun for a guy who has never tried it before because they generally have also never explored those orgasmic anal sensations, and we love a nice surprise.

In public

There’s nothing like a little risk of getting caught right? If you’re an exhibitionist


Is it sex if there’s no penetration? For sure! 69 is so retro and fun, we always encourage a good oral sex romp. It’s. really fun position because it doesn’t require any acrobatics, just lay on your side and enjoy!