Your Fuckbuddy Style Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are tons of ways to enjoy the fuckbuddy lifestyle. For example, you can be the type of person who likes to have a couple of slam pieces on the side or someone who likes to nurture one friends-with-benefits at a time! Maybe you like to get kinky with your fuckbuddys, or perhaps you even let them spend the night! We’re here to tell you what we think your fuck buddy style would be based on your zodiac sign! Read the article to find out if your sign matches your fuck buddy style!


You are both bold and practical, and you don’t like to have your time wasted. Period. Fuckbuddies for you are a matter of convenience. You aren’t close with your buddies, but you do like to have several on deck to text when you are in the mood. They never spend the night! You’ve got sh*t to do in the morning.


Being that you are probably the most chill zodiac sign, acquiring fuckbuddies is pretty easy for you, but you’re never actively looking for one. You’ve got people that you call to chill and have sex, and you’ve got a friendly relationship with them. They might sleepover after a Netflix and chill, but they don’t have to. Doesn’t make much of a difference to you.


You’ve got a few friends-with-benefits, but they all think that you are taking them seriously. As in, most of the time they want a relationship with you because you’re naturally such a flirty character. You don’t mind this, of course, because their desire to be with you makes the sex way better. You love to experiment between the sheets, and can sometimes intimidate your sex partners with your kinky fantasies such as role-playing or BDSM.


As a Leo, you are often pursuing a serious relationship; however, when you aren’t in one, you look to one of your many admirers for some fun. If there’s no chance you’ll date them, they won’t spend the night. But, if you like them, they might! You like to have loud passionate sex. Paired with the fact that you are very sociable and the life of the party, your fuckbuddy style tends to leave some people broken-hearted.


As the most caring of the bunch, you often acquire fuckbuddies by mistake. Often born out of true friendships, you might begin having sex with someone you really like but aren’t sure if you’re ready to date. You’ll continue to have sex with this person while pining over your ex, but once you realize you are done with the ex, you might begin to feel things for your fuckbuddy!


As a Virgo, you break all of the fuck buddy rules. Why do we say this? Because you are elegant, refined, and like to act like you’re dating your fuckbuddy when you really aren’t. You’re happy to be taken out on dates and doted upon, only to have sex after and never call that person again. One-night-stand is your style and you aren’t sorry about it.


As someone who loves to keep the peace, your fuckbuddies are probably friendly acquaintances of yours because you are so easy to be around. You like to have FWBs come over occasionally, but you make sure to never hurt their feelings. The fuck buddy game for you is clear, peaceful, and fun!


As the attention-grabbing charmer, you are fantastic in bed. However, you have a few fuckbuddies that you aren’t so honest with yourself about. More often than not, you have actual feelings for these people beyond the romps, but you never let that show and continue to be the life of the party. If only they knew…


As an intellectual, the idea of having a fuck buddy in your back pocket is a tactical move. You enjoy spending time with your fuckbuddy (usually having only one or two at any given time) and you call them when you need one. It’s never dull with you, and you like to experiment with these people in the bedroom in order to deepen your sexual knowledge.


Intimidating and full of dry humor, potential fuckbuddies come and go out of your life like seasons. People want to be around you to see where the night will go, and you are always in charge. Your emotional ties to these fuckbuddies don’t exist, they are merely subjects in your life meant to pleasure you. You like to call upon them in the middle of the day so that they don’t even think about sleeping over. Once the sex is done, they are out. Sometimes for good.


Like your unpredictable nature, your fuckbuddy style changes with the moon. Sometimes you’ll have tons of people who reach out to you for fun, surprising nights. Other times, you’ll isolate yourself to the point of losing connections with those people. And, while you establish emotional connections with all who have come to know you intimately, you keep a nice padding the distance between you and them for fear that you might start to develop feelings.


As the dreamy and emotional sign, you have lustful connections with several people who you like to have sex with on a regular basis. These people tend to weave throughout your life, and there’s a serious blur between the fuckbuddy relationship and the dating relationship. You’re a hopeful romantic, so each connection means something to you, even if you don’t want it to.