To cuddle with an FWB, or not to cuddle?

Post-coital cuddles can be fun, entertaining, and they feel good. But, is it something you should do with an F buddy or an FWB? There are people out there who are against the FWB cuddle. They say it’s too intimate on an emotional level for the nature of a fuckbuddy relationship. There are also people who think it’s not a big deal. These people think it’s part of the entire encapsulated idea of sex. So, which is it?

At BuddyBang, we think that this should be a personal choice. There isn’t a right answer that’s totally universal. For some people, cuddling is great. For others, however, it can mess up the good fuckbuddy thing they’ve got going on!

Let’s investigate perhaps why someone wouldn’t be able to handle cuddling. After sex, there are a bunch of hormones that swirl into the air, and there’s even one called the ‘cuddle hormone,’ which is released after sex and drives the desire to be close to the person you’ve just slept with. For some, cuddling during this fragile post-sex time can be confusing and can lead people to develop feelings for their fuckbuddies, which is completely against the Buddybang rules of having a fuckbuddy. Cuddling then becomes a way to get emotionally close to someone when fuckbuddies are meant to leave their emotional baggage (and their clothes) at the door while doing the deed. You don’t want to catch feelings for your fuckbuddy. The only way to know whether or not you are someone who can fall under the cuddle spell is to have been in the situation before, and you know you can’t handle it.

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On the other hand, let’s say that the cuddle spell doesn’t affect you that much. You might want to try to investigate why you even care to cuddle in the first place if it doesn’t make you fall in love with someone. Is it something that ties the bow on the fuck buddy experience for you, does it feel nice, or are you lying to yourself? If you aren’t lying, then cuddling is something you can handle! But, again to adhere to the fuckbuddy do’s and don’ts, you’ll want to make sure that your FWB is someone who can handle it also.

So, what’s the verdict? Generally, at Buddybang we advise against cuddling; however, if both you and your fuckbuddy are people who can hang with the cuddle, then by all means… enjoy!