Tips On How To Have The Best Escort Experience

We all know that getting fucked is one of life’s great gifts. It feels good to be connected to another person, both physically and emotionally. Even though a friends-with-benefits negates some of the emotions tied to sex, having sex with a fuckbuddy still provides a connection in an interesting way. Sadly, there aren’t always people around who are ready and willing to bang you or provide you with that connection. It doesn’t say anything about you or make you a lame person. It just means that you aren’t easily finding someone to have sex with. When this happens, some people turn to fuckbuddy apps. That’s a pretty good call, but it still doesn’t guarantee a good fuck. The only way to make sure you get laid and laid good is to visit an escort site and pick up a lovely lady of the night.

Technically escorts are there for ‘companionship’, but you know how these things go. Escorts can provide you with an awesomely hot good time. They are down for almost anything, very nice, and aim to please. The only thing you need to provide in return is cash. You may know this already and be very aware of how the escort game works; however, if you are brand new, we are here to teach you the way. People who have never had, met, or had sex with an escort can tend to feel afraid of the experience. There’s nothing to be afraid of! Like meeting any new person or having any new experience, you have to keep your guard up for a little while. But once you vibe out with your escort and are sure she’s the real deal, the actual fun can begin. Here are our tips on how to have an amazing escort experience.

Do your research

There are lots of escort research sites out there to browse through and it can feel a little daunting when you first begin prowling the web for escorts. Doing this research is important though so that you know you aren’t going into a scammy or seedy situation. Look up what others have to say about the best and most reliable escort websites. There are some that provide real reviews of the girls, which can be nice. Some sites layout a menu of services that each girl provides. Others are more like dating sites, but everyone knows that there are girls on there who are willing to provide companionship for a price. They’ll probably call it an ‘arrangement.’ Figure out which site makes you feel the most comfortable.

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Chat with your girl

Most escort veterans who are just looking for a good time don’t want to take a pause to get to know the girl. This is not how we’d suggest going about your escort experience if you are new. Get to know the person you are meeting. Some of the escort websites will allow you to chat with the girl through a messaging service on the app/site. Others will give you the girl’s contact information. Chat with her a little bit. Consider taking her out to dinner or a nice date as another way to learn more about her. This will enrich your escort adventure.

Be sweet

Women, even escorts, respond really well to being taken care of. Your escort has likely met tons of guys who aren’t all that nice and maybe don’t totally treat her with respect. When that happens, it’s pretty likely that the woman isn’t enjoying herself if or when things get physical. That’s not hot. You want the lady to be really into the experience because it’ll make yours better. Start out on the right foot by being respectful and nice to the escort who you meet. You can even go the extra mile by buying your escort flowers before the date starts.

Set the expectations

Your escort is with you to pay her bills, so this is about money to her (even if she’s having the time of her life – which we have no doubt she will be). When it comes to being with a woman, there are so many spur-of-the-moment things that can happen. If they happen, she will charge you. So make sure you get all the pricing information before you go into anything. How much does she charge per hour, for a date, for something more… You’ll want to know so that you can let the financial worries escape your mind while you are on the escort date.

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Brush up on your skills

If you are nervous about the experience it may have to do with your fears about being able to please a woman. Even though you are the customer, this fear can get in the way of you simply enjoying your time with your escort. We’d suggest brushing up on your skills. There are zones on the female body which experience pleasure in ways you’ve probably never thought of or heard of. Brush up on this information so you can go into the physical part with confidence.

Embrace your fetishes

Look, you are paying for this aren’t you? Don’t be afraid to tell your escort what you are into. Let your freak flag fly. Escorts are kind of like therapists – they’ve heard it all before. Nothing phases them and they aren’t going to judge you!

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Keep an eye on the clock

At the end of the day, these women are doing a job. They are getting paid for the experience and perhaps even by the hour. You are free to hang out with your sexy lady for as long as you wish, but just keep an eye on the time so that you don’t spend beyond your means.

Let her know if you want to see her again

Did you have a really amazing time? Tell your escort that you want to become one of her regulars! It’s like having a fuckbuddy around at all times. There’s something hot about the transactional aspect and you know you never have to worry about her emotional baggage. By letting her know that you were into it and want to be a regular, she will likely give you extras and special treatment each time she sees you.

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