The Pros and Cons of Having a Fuckbuddy

In many cases, acquiring a fuckbuddy is a magical experience. The shelf-life of a fuckbuddy is always different; however, a constant fact is that the fuckbuddy story seems to write itself. Unlike dating or falling in love, fuckbuddy stories don’t require dating, meeting friends, buying presents, and making a great impression. In fact, a fuckbuddy is supposed to be void of all the annoying emotional bs. It’s supposed to be about fucking! Occasionally, it can be about friendship.

Although, that’s not always a great idea. Fuckbuddies can be amazing, or they can be awful depending on the people involved! If you aren’t sure about whether or not you’d like to acquire a fuckbuddy, do what you’d do with any other situation: make a pros and cons list! Luckily for you, we’ve actually made one ourselves. Take a look, consider your options, and determine if having a fuckbuddy is right for you! 


Instant gratification

If you are someone who is into instant gratification, a fuckbuddy might be perfect for you. The amazing thing about having a NSA (no-strings-attached) relationship is the face that there is no shame involved in calling your fuckbuddy for a good time, no matter the hour! Unlike dating, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for a fuckbuddy to call their fuck partner at 3AM. Whenever you want sex, provided your fuckbuddy is available, you can have it! It’s great, it’s fast, and it’s sexy! 

Fun sex

When people have sex with their fuckbuddy, it’s really about pleasure. That means, that it’s ok a lot of the time to be selfish in bed! Ultimately, you’ll find a fuckbuddy who likes the kinky things you’re into, or likes to please you in those ways. Perhaps you love to please! Regardless, the art of acting tender and cautious (as you would with someone you were dating or trying to date), there’s no need! As long as it’s consensual, all kinds of sex goes!

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Alternate personality

Another fun thing about fuckbuddy sex is the fact that you can totally let loose. You can be dominating, submissive, wild, or fun! Whatever you want to be in bed, you can try because your fuckbuddy knows that you are there for sex and sex alone. There’s no judgement between good fuckbuddies and a lot of different ways to explore your sexuality. 

Freedom from boredom

Having a fuckbuddy means that, in theory, you always have something (or someone) to do when you are bored. It’s simply another activity in which to occupy your time! Fuckbuddies are perfect for filling space when you aren’t sure what to do and you are tired of watching porn to fill the time. 


While there are a lot of pros to having a fuckbuddy, there are only two cons: You might start to develop feelings for your fuckbuddy, or, your fuckbuddy might start to develop feelings for you. These cons may be small in quantity, but these are very heavy cons to weigh against the pros, because a messy fuckbuddy situation can cause a ton of grief. If one side of a fuckbuddy pair begins to develop feelings, the entire operation is totally derailed and often times, someone ends up very hurt.

Whenever there are feelings involved, a lot of time and energy is going to be spent on both sides dealing with a situation that is not fun, and the main ingredient in a healthy fuckbuddy pair is, of course, the fun. While this is obviously big reason to avoid fuckbuddies, there are ways to keep this from happening. As with many great things in life, there is a risk that is going to be taken. However, the reward, in this case, is probably worth it!