How to Bring Food Into the Bedroom

Pleasurable. Satisfying. Addictive.

What are we referring to? Well, we could be referring to sex, but we could also be referring to food. The truth is that food and sex inspire a lot of the same gratifying feelings and emotions, making it two of the greatest gifts the world has to offer to mankind. So, the thought of combining the two can be mind-blowing. However, it’s not always easy to bring food into the bedroom. While biting into a juicy meatball sub is yummy, it’s not exactly sexy. On the other hand, food that is sexy, like chocolate syrup, can sometimes be very messy and sticky. You don’t want to be concerned about cleaning up while you are doing the dirty with your fuckbuddy. So, how does one bring food into the bedroom? Follow our steps and suggestions. We promise it’ll be delicious.

Prepare for a mess

The thing about bringing food into the bedroom is that it’s going to get messy no matter what. Even if the food itself isn’t messy, there’s just no way to stop fluids from flowing and crumbs from scattering across the bed. To avoid ruining your Egyptian cotton, either pick up a pair of sheets that you wouldn’t mind getting messy, or lay out a towel to have sex on top of!

Ease into it

Bringing food into the bedroom is a pretty big step for couples and fuckbuddy partners, so start small rather than jumping in with a five course feast. What do we mean? We mean actually start with smaller, manageable food items such as fruit or chocolate. As you work your way through bringing food into the bedroom, you can advance to bigger food items such as cake or tiramisu.

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Stick with sweets

Speaking of cake, we urge you to keep your food choices sweet rather than savory or spicy. Why? The sugar within sweets will increase your energy and bump your dopamine levels, which is giong to make sex more enjoyable. More important is the fact that sweet food is usually not too bad to put all over your body. Foods that are salty and spicy often irritate the skin and should not be put anywhere near your sensitive body parts.

Stick to safe body parts

When it comes to using food in the bedroom, we suggest keeping all food away from your genitals. It’s not safe to get food on or inside those parts of the body. While you shouldn’t use food in those specific areas, we are definitely not suggesting that you can’t use food in any sexy areas. Food goes well with nipples, thighs, lips, booty, feet, stomach, neck, etc. There are so many sensual places where you can play with food!

For dessert, enjoy a steamy shower

After you have your yummy romp, you’ll probably be a bit sticky. Plan on taking a shared shower or bath after you have sex to wash off the food. It’ll be a way to keep the mood sexy while also cleaning up the mess that you’ve both made. Enjoy cleaning off all the sensual parts of the body where the food was placed, licked, and rubbed in!

Here are the foods you should bring into the bedroom:

  • Fruit
    Fruit is a classic in the bedroom because it is delicious and easy to manage. We suggest going with strawberries, blackberries, cherries, or raspberries. Fruit have always had a tie with sexy because it’s juicy and satisfying. Let the fruit juices drizzle over your bodies as you get down to business. Fruit is also a great food to combine with other items we suggest bringing into the bedroom such as whipped cream or chocolate.
  • Popsicles
    Popsicles are perfect for the bedroom because they are phallic shaped and everyone looks sexy eating them and licking them. It is also frozen, which can be a fun element to add to your sexual experience. You’ll be sure to give your partner chills if you tease the nipples with the freezing popsicle. Also, when it melts, it’s fun to lick off one’s body. If you are steamy lovers, the popsicles will also be a refreshing way to cool down!
  • Chocolate Syrup
    Chocolate syrup is a really fun thing to bring into the bedroom. You can drip it onto your partner or ito your partner’s mouth. Like we said, its a great addition to fruit should you want to bring both items into the bedroom. We should warn you that this is a very messy item to play with, but also very tasty and fun.
  • Champagne
    We know, it’s a drink. But, bubbly is such a great addition to sex that we had to include it. Not only will you get tipsy drinking it, but it also adds a very sexy aroma and taste to your experience. Pour it into glasses or directly onto each other’s bodies! There’s nothing like bathing in the mix of sweat and champagne!
  • Whipped Cream
    Whipped cream is another bedroom staple because it has a very pleasurable texture and taste. It’s also easy to eat and lick off another person. Pair it with chocolate, fruit, and icecream for a delectable human sundae!
  • Cake
    If you and your partner are people who are looking to add food to the bedroom because they actually get hungry (hey, we feel you!), we suggest bringing in cake. It’s fun to eat and even more fun to mess up and smash onto each other. It’s delicious and rich, making it a perfect for playing with and eating off each other.
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