Random Places In Your House To Bang A Fuckbuddy

Monotony is like poison to a fuck buddy relationship. When things go stale or get boring, the spark that was once alive dies. There’s really no reason to keep having casual sex with someone who doesn’t excite you, as hookups are supposed to be an exciting part of your life. They aren’t like long-term relationships that deserve and require some work put in.

The whole point of having a friend with benefits is to be able to fuck without any of that work. It sounds silly, but where you fuck might be a contributing factor to a monotonous casual sex life. If you’re banging in your bed all the time, in the same position, with the same person, things are about to get really boring. It’s true that there aren’t a ton of places in which two people (who aren’t into exhibitionism) can actually get away with fucking. For example, the average romp isn’t going to happen in a car or a Starbucks. So, where can you go? You really don’t have to leave your house! With a dash of creativity, you can turn your home into an interesting place to fuck. Here are some random places in your house to get it on!

The Bathroom

A lot of sexy things happen in a bathroom. Showering, getting naked, bathing, and mirrors all contribute to what makes a bathroom a steamy place. There’s so much you can do in a bathroom with a fuck buddy. It probably goes without saying, but avoid the toilet. Unless, of course, that’s what you are into. We aren’t here to judge you if you’re into a good blumpkin. But for the ones who like to play it a little safer, playing in the bathroom should be toilet-free. The shower is a classic place to get it on.

Getting a blowjob in a shower can be very heavenly. You can experiment with the water, the steam, and the soap. Getting slippery with your fuck buddy can be a really pleasurable experience. Just make sure to keep things as safe as possible as falling is always a risk with shower sex. You can also get it on in the bathtub and start with a little candlelit foreplay soak. Or, you don’t have to get wet at all. Of course, the sex will be wet; but, you can also just play with the mirrors in the bathroom and give you and your fuck buddy a little show while you bang it out. 

The Kitchen

Why does it feel like the kitchen is Hollywood’s favorite spot to film sex scenes in movies? Because having sex in a kitchen is awesome. All kitchens have a kitchen counter, which is a perfect place to bend someone over while you fuck them from behind. It also adds the element of taboo because kitchens are often related to family gatherings or PG experiences. Taking your fuck buddy into that territory can feel wrong in all the right ways. You can also fuck on the floor of your kitchen if you don’t mind a hard surface (pain can be a good thing in sex too), and you can use the kitchen tools to your advantage. Have you ever wanted to be spanked with a paddle or spatula? The kitchen has all sorts of household toys to play with sexually. There’s also food, and food and sex are a delicious combo. Just make sure that you don’t have a stovetop on or something cooking nearby. Hospital runs aren’t sexy.

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The Backyard

Your own backyard is the safest place you can fuck your FWB outdoors. You know that you are on your own property and that you can escape the situation at any time, but it’s still super hot to know that neighbors might be able to see you or hear you. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can even get a little dirty down on the grass or in broad daylight. If you have a porch with chairs, those can be used to lean on. Porch swings can double as sex swings if you’re careful enough. If you’ve got a pool or hottub, you’ve probably already fucked in your backyard. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that? Hint: If you have a pool that you haven’t fucked in yet, that should be the first place you try. Again, the point of fucking in the backyard is to incorporate a safe and comfortable level of exhibitionism to your newly invigorated sex life with a fuckbuddy. 

The Laundry Room

Having a laundry room is like having a giant built in vibrator installed into your house. Legend has it that women have been sitting on top of dryers for decades get off on those good vibrations. If your dryer is low enough to lean over, the moving dryer can act as a third wheel in your sexcapades with your bang buddy. Laundry rooms are often cramped as well. This can actually be a good thing for your sex life as it makes you hotter, sweater, and altogether wetter for the ride. Bring some dirty laundry in there too if you’re really kinky – like your used underwear – for some additional foreplay.