Crazy Sex Positions To Try With Your Fuckbuddy

Now that you’ve had a fuckbuddy for a while, you might be feeling like the sex has gotten stale. But stale, as we know, is the last word you’d want to associate with your friend-with-benefits. Sex with a fuckbuddy is supposed to be exciting and fresh, not bland and blah. If anything, it’s meant to be a stress release. Depending on how long you’ve had your fuckbuddy for, there could be a solution to your problem.

If your fuckbuddy is brand new, it might just be the chemistry. There’s not much you can do for that except finding a new fuckbuddy. But if you’ve had the same sex friend for a while, you might want to try spicing it up in the bedroom. While there are various ways to do this, from introducing a third for a threesome to watching porn while you get it on, the easiest way is to try some new fancy sex positions. Here are a handful of sex positions we’ve bet you’ve never attempted! Try them out with a fuckbuddy and see if it helps bring the excitement and freshness back into the friendship!

The Butter Churner

The idea of churning butter might bring you back to your history class and conjure up images of colonial garb, but we’re not talking about anything you’d find in a schoolbook. The butter churner position is wild, but wickedly fun. It’s also amazing for women who have trouble reaching an orgasm. Have the lady lie on her back and throw her legs over her head. Then the man pops a squat right on top of her! He bounces up and down while she’s folded like origami beneath him.

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This position makes it easy for the guy to penetrate very deep. It might feel crazy trying to attempt, but it’s going to be really fun. Although if the lady has back problems of any kind, maybe this isn’t the best position to go with. Sometimes pain can be a good thing when combined with sex, but not lower back pain. This is a good position to try between the very flexible and nimble fuckbuddy pair.

The Snow Angel

Winter is on its way, making this position feel really appropriate and timely. Who doesn’t love a good snow angel? Here’s a position that will give you more than Christmas cheer! It’s a newer idea but it has taken off with people because it’s both easy to execute and very fun to try. You’ll want to start by having the female fuckbuddy lying on her back, the same way she’d go about making a real snow angel. Then, the male fuckbuddy will lay facedown on top of her.

It’s sort of like a stretched-out 69 position that involves penetration. Actually, it’s a great second move after some 69 foreplay. Sex can tend to be like a game of chess at times, so planning out some moves in advance couldn’t hurt. This snow angel position feels heavenly, both for the man and woman involved because it doesn’t require a ton of effort, but it’s interesting. For those who have an affinity for the ass, this is a good position to try. You’ll be looking straight at your fuckbuddy’s behind as you do the nasty.

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Are you a fan of doggy style? Right, who isn’t? This position is just like doggy style but with a little bit of an added twist that actually enhances the doggy sensations. And, don’t worry, it’s nothing like yoga. For those of you who have never gotten laid before, doggy style is when you have sex from behind. The lady is often bent over or sitting/standing on all fours like a dog, and the guy penetrates her from behind.

Plenty of women agree that this position is the one that feels best because it lends itself to reaching that glorious g-spot. Down-doggy is the same idea but instead of being on all fours, the woman is lying on her stomach with her back arched and her bum in the air. We’ve also heard this position referred to as the “flat pancake.” Maybe it’s a great addition to some actual pancakes and morning sex! Regardless, this position is bound to get you and your fuckbuddy barking and howling.

The Lapdog

Ready for another rendition of our favorite, doggy style? This one is called the lapdog and it involves doggy style, but in the male fuckbuddy’s lap! The male fuckbuddy is going to want to sit with his bum on the bed and his back against the headboard. Keep the legs spread so that the lady has room to sit in his lap. When she does, she too can spread her legs. All you’ll need now is to exercise a few bumps n grinds, and you’re off! This is a cool position because it allows for the man or lady to have clit-access. Did you know that most women need clit action in order to have an orgasm? In this position, it’s fully exposed and practically begging to be played with!

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